31 October 2007

EPL Fansee! Are you READY??!!!

I got this piece of good news for football/soccer fans! Hypp.tv is gonna show you all the millions dollars clips of the latest matches in Barclays English Premier League (EPL) for just 9.90 a month! No! I tarak bruff you wan! Lemme show you the screen shot I took from Hypp.tv website.

Click on Hypp.tv to find out more.

For that RM9.90 a month you will also be getting :

  • Barclays Premier League match highlights for the whole season!
  • Video summaries of all matches played for the season.
  • Video clips of : Goal of the Week, Golden Moment, Team of the Week, Player of the Week etc.

The Video streaming speed is unbelievable!!! I streaming several internet TV regularly (YouTube, TVU, BBC news, etc.) but I never streamed any online video at this fantastic speed before! Its just like you are actually having the video file on your hardisk lidat! The video quality … Phhuuhhh!! I tell lu …. dem blardee chun man!!! Its so sharp it can cut your eyeballs! Hypp.tv Gua caya sam lu la!!!

You don’t hafta take my words for it, judge it yourself for free! Lemme show lu where you can go to get free content ok? Just follow these simple instructions.

1st goto Hypp.tv then click on “Sports” (illustrated below)

Then when you got to the “Sports” section, you kena click on the “Free Clips” tab which is located at the bottom of the screen. (as shown in the below picture)

Choose a clip of your choice, sit back and wait for it to play. You don’t have to wait long tho ….

A five minutes clip start playing 5 seconds after I clicked on the link. Within that 5 minutes there is no jerking, no buffering, no pixilated pictures …. Just blardee clear and sharp videos right till the end!

While you at hypp.tv, why not take a look at their forum [Link] where fansee talks about anything and everything about EPL or take alook at the latest scores at their League Table? Looks like Arsenal is on the top of the scoreboard now with 19 points [Link] There is also this ongoing chun contest whereby the winner could win a 3-month subscription for Barclays Premier League clips package plus many many more!!!

Try it yourself! Its legal, its addictive, its exciting, its fast, Its affordable! Gerenti lu no regret wan!

And before I go lunch ... check out this latest Video clip of Hypp.tv titled Liverpool - 5 times champions!

The Ship of the Desert

Few days ago I was having this conversation with our Taikor Kenny the Rawker about Dubai ...

Me : Anything spesel about Dubai ar?
Kenny : GOT! Here got lotsa deserts and camelssss!!!


Me : You actually can see camels everywhere?
Kenny : Yea ... especially at my site opis which is coincidently just next to the camel race course!
Camel crossing the street in Dubai

Me : WUAH!! got camel race course wan??!!
Kenny : Abuden?
Me : Eh ... You know anot that in Middle east countries they call Camel as the ship of Desert.
Kenny : Izzit? I derno ler ... nobody told me that befoh.
Me : Actually there is a reason why they are called "The ship of the desert" one
Kenny : Whats the reason?
Me : The reason got related to hamsap one ... u guess and see!
Kenny : err .... dunno ... tell la!
Me : okok lemme gibe u a hint ... ship is full of what one?
Kenny : Sailor?
Me : Whats other words for sailor?
Kenny : Err ... dunno
Me : Its Seamen!
Kenny : Ok .... so?
Me : Seamen wor ... u still dont gedit ar? Seamen sounds like semen la!!! Semen you now anot? Sperm la!!
Kenny : Har??!!! Why camel is full of semen wan? unless ... OHHH!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Me : Now go tell those ppl in Dubai this joke and see they you can come back alive anot! WUAHAHAHAHA!
Kenny : Want lidat meh =.=""

Top USA Online

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go log on to www.topusaonline.com and start playing.. Now where m i now ??

26 October 2007

The Cockalate Cake Best Birthday Cake for a Girl!

18SX - Small bois n girls ... go do your homework! Dun read! go play PS2 or PS3 or Wii or PSP or hello kitty or hello puppy or anything as long as u dont read this post can edi! If you die die also wanna read ... then call your mum/dad at work and ask for permission 1st ok?
Oh! and its NSFW too!

Note : NSFW means Not Safe From Work .... so, if u kena fire bcoz you read my blog at work ... u dun kam find me ok?

One of your "girl-friend" birthday is coming soon and you think there is nothing special with those ready made birthday cake ... you wanna make her upcoming birthday a day everyone will remember? You are in luck! I got just the cake for you!

Ladies and Genitalmen! I introduce you to The Cockolate cake!!! The best cake ever made for a girl!!!

Click on the above images for a larger view

Look at the sexcitement on this girl's face once they showed her The Cockalate Cake!

Why shes so sexcited? Well ... this is why!

Click on the above images for a larger view

The Cockalate Cake!! Worth every cents of your mani!!! LOL!

You know how your friends would ask you to blow the candles on the cake and then they will push your face onto the cake? well .. thats old trick already! With the Cocklate cake, you could even do more then just that! Now we ask our birthday girl to demo to you how you should eat the Cockalate Cake!

Click on the above images for a larger view

Yummy!!! *Slurpss*

Click on the above images for a larger view

*gagging!!!!* *Cough-Cough*

Not only you could ask her to deep throat it ... you could even see deep she can go just by looking indication built onto the Cockalate cake!

Click on the above images for a larger view

Or you could ask her to bite of the "head" of the Cocklate cake if shes kinky enough! lol

So remember! for a unforgettable birthday party, get your "girl-friend" the Cockalate cake!!! You know they want it one!!! Dont shy shy! Call the number on your screen now!

Note : Cockalate comes with a 1 kilo cake and a set of Cockalate with balls onnit with free delivery world wide! Girls in the piktures is not included (of coz)!

Erina if you are reading this .... warm up your oven!!! Orders is kambing in like hot Cockalate!!! LMAO!!

Glaucoma treatment

Wow !!.. Scary.. Did you know that glaucoma is often referred to as the silent thief, because there isn’t any symptoms until they begin to notice a reduction in their peripheral vision. For us that use computers heavily, we are at further risk for glaucoma, particularly those who are short-sighted
Some of the major types of glaucoma are Open angle or Chronic Glaucoma, Narrow Angle Glaucoma, Low Tension Glaucoma, Secondary Glaucoma and Suspects Congenital Glaucoma.

However, there you can always take pre-caution if you know the causes of glaucoma by logging in to http://www.naturaleyecare.com/.

Naturaleyecare.com had all the information you needed for glaucoma treatment, on top of that this site also offers the supplement for you to protect your eyes at a reasonable price. So log on now and get more knowledge on all sorts of eye diseases and the solution for the problems.

24 October 2007

Ahbeng you want peanuts?

Ahbeng is a bus driver, one day got this old folks home pao his bus for a day trip to Pulau Ketam. Sitting right behind the driver's seat is Grandma Sue and from his rear mirror Ahbeng can see that Grandma Sue is happily munching away.

In the middle of the road trip Grandma Sue tapped Ahbeng on his shoulder and asked him ....

Grandma : Ahbeng ah! You want peanuts boh? Grandma treat you eat peanut ai mai?
Ahbeng : Tenkiu aunty ... yes I want!

Then Ahbeng also happy happy munching peanuts .... about 20 minutes down the road Grandma Sue asked Ahbeng again ....

Grandma : Ahbeng ah! You want peanuts boh? Grandma treat you eat peanut ai mai?
Ahbeng : Tenkiu aunty ... yes I want!

To make the story short, this goes on for a few more times then Ahbeng finally ask Grandma Sue ...

Ahbeng : Aunty ah ... you dont eat peanuts one meh?
Grandma : No ... no eat! Aunty boh teeth la!
Ahbeng : aiks! Boh teeth then why aunty buy peanuts leh?
Grandma : No choice ler! just now that 7-11 is out of chocolate so aunty kena buy this peanut chocolate lor! Aunty lick the chocolate around the peanut and the peanut give you eat lor!

23 October 2007

Rataouille!!! Lotsa Rataouille!!!

I was a this pet shop the other day wanna buy food for my fish then I saw this!

Lots & lotsa Rataouille!!!! What color also got!!!

and they are freaking cute too you know?!! RM3.50 each oni!

Then I goan ask the pet shop boss la....

Me : Boss, now trend to have Rataouille as pet ar?
Boss : No la! Those are not pets ler
Me : Not pets then what?
Boss : Those are food
Me : Food to what???!!
Boss : Food to pet python snake
Me : WTF??!!! so cute goan feed to snake??!!!
Boss : Eh but if you want can buy as pet what? cheap cheap oni wor! RM3.50 each! Cheaper than hamsters!
Me : MCH lu! Later got snake come my house hunt for food how?!!!
Boss : HAHAHAHA! Then u catch the snake and sell to me la!
Me : KNN!! Now I know where you got your snakes from!
Boss : Shhhhh!!! dont say so loud la!

Halloween Baby

That baby face is so .... scary!!! I wonders if the custome were made by his/her mum because that "thing" that stick out of his/her sweater looks like a bloody kukuciao/penis!

Its not a good when you trying to scare those pretty/sexy aunties with a bloody kukuciao you know? What if next time they got phobia towards kukuciao ledi???!!! LMAO!!

Ok la! cant deny that the baby is cute tho ... I would give him/her candy if he/she knocks on my door during halloween .... right after he/she go thru my fierce dog 1st that is ... lol!

22 October 2007

How Many Working?

According to a survey done by Rojaks Institut of research ... The population of our country is 27 million.

Out of 27 million 12 million retired ledi, left 15 million oni.

9 Million is too young or still skooling, so now left 6 million oni.

Out of the 6 million 4 million werking for the gomen left 2 million oni.

1 million are in army and polis, left 1 million to work.

In this 1 million, 500,000 is too lazy to work ... then left 500,000 peeple oni.

Then out of 500,000 peeple, 150,000 peeple is gonna be on-leave/sick at any given time so left oni 350,000 peeple to do all the work oni.

Out of 350,000 peeple .... 150,000 alredi migrated to ader country so left 200,000 peeple oni.

Then in the prison got 199,998 peeple. So, left 2 peeple oni .... You and me.

And you're sitting at your computer reading jokes ... MCH! no wonder I so busy la!

21 October 2007

I Lafu Fresh Sushi!!!

This post is dedicated to those whos a great fan of the Jabpenis national dish ... SUSHI!!!

Who dont lafu sushi? Most of Mareysia peeple lafu sushi rite? Everytime after i ate sushi i felt like i can speak nihonggo (jabpenis) lidat!!! Dats why lotsa peeple lafu sushi la!

Well ... I m not sure you still gonna lafu sushi as much as you do after watching this 2 videos i got ready speselly for you all sushi fansee.

Wow! You see that? That fish is screaming in pain while those jabpenis is enjoying it's flesh .... omg! You see how the fish is screaming out loud "HELP!!! HELP!!!" with its mouth wide open and yet they continue to feast on its flesh? This is what I call fresh sushi neh!!! Ichiban!!!

You see how that fish is waving "bye bye" to those jabpenis? I dont understand jabpenis but i think those girls were saying something like "oh look! that fish is so cute! its waving at us altho we are eating its flesh now! Kawaiii nehhh!!! *make peace sign and camwhore with the fish*

I wonder if we could do the same thing with our local ikan kembung or tilapia anot? its alot cheaper you know?

20 October 2007

Ahbeng Junior Goto Skool

Just for your info prior to the joke .... those who is christian will pray before they eat one, its like thanking god for the meal. I think its call "saying grace" please correct me if i m wrong.

Ahbeng Junior is a christian and he goto skool in standard three, one day his teacher asked him

Teacher : Ahbeng Junior ... you tell the class you got say prayers before you eat anot?
Ahbeng Junior : No Teacher ... my fader says we dont have to pray because my mum is a good cook!

So ... if you are a christian and you see your kids prays before dinner ... they might be praying for something else ... something like "Dear god ... please make sure the food doesnt taste as bad as yesterday!" LMAO!

19 October 2007

Best Wilkinson Sword Shaver Ads - luff till your balls drop!

You ever thot of it this way? that as a husband you will hafta fight with your son/child to get your wife's attention?

I mean your wife would only have so much hours to spend in a day and she hafta decide on who she would wanna spend it with ... so indirectly (if you are an attention whore) you would be competing against your own kids for you wife's attention!

Well this wilkinson Sword ads took the whole fighting for attention thing to the next level and when i post it here ... it means its also farking funny too! You derno what you missing if you dont watch this video, trust me! Wingz dun bruff wan!

*P.S. Start paying attention when the baby jumped (ala matric style) thats when i luffED my GAS out!

How? Seen any ads lidis lately? Creative innit?

17 October 2007

When Your Turn ah?

You prolly heard that line before, whether they are asking you when you gonna get married during a wedding dinner or they asking you when you are getting a baby at chinese new year reunion dinner or at a relative's full moon dinner. One way or the other we cant escape this question/remark "When is your turn ar?"

Today I m gonna teach you all how to answer that question once and for all! Read on ....

I was lunching with my suppliers turned good buddy today and one of them complained :

Ming : MCH! Now 30 yrs old not yet married is very odd meh?
Keong : No ah! Why?
Ming : Everytime i attend wedding dinner of my relative, there is this particular aunty will poke me and ask "AhMing ah! When your turn ar?" Everytime without fail man!
Keong : oh! I been thru that ledi ... I was once very irritated too with that question but about a year ago I finally figured out a way to counter that question.
Me : Wow! Serious?
Keong : Yea ... I m 35 this year and still single ... yet none of my relative dare to ask me "Eh .. when your turn ar?" at any wedding dinner anymore.
Ming : Wuahhhh!!! Teach me leh!!
Me : Yea ... tell us about it ... lemme learn something new today.
Keong : Its lidis one ... last time when they asked me that question i will smile back and say "soon .. soon"
Me : Then?
Keong : Then come one day one of my uncle passed away ... so i returned the favor and asked them the same question they has been asking me all these year ... at the funeral i asked them "Eh ... when your turn ar?" and they never bother me again after that!
Ming : WUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! MCH! you dem cruel la!

16 October 2007

Longaberger Basket a Fairy Tale Came True

If you think the lady who live in a shoe with a bunch of kids fairytale is weird enuff then what about a group of peeple working in a basket?!

Who works in a basket? Take a look yourself!

This basket is the HQ of a company call Longaberger (no they are not related to Lampa Berger) They manufactures baskets! The photo above is not a replica but a real 7 storey building which is the HQ of Longaberger building in Newark, Ohio Amadika.

Located on State Route 16 on the east side of Newark. No, it's not a joke--this is a real building! As you can see from the photograph, you CAN'T miss it.

This "seven-story replica of a Longaberger Market Basket has been featured in publications around the globe, and it has literally stopped traffic along Route 16". Longaberger's customer satisfaction, information services, marketing, community affairs, legal, purchasing, and accounting departments make the basket building their home.


This basket is exactly 160 times bigger than the longaberger basket they are making.

This is what you will be able to see if you are driving thru the building.


This is the lobby

Thats the handle of the "basket"


Cozy lobby with a grand piano

Spiral Stairs leading to second storey

The actual size of a Longaberger basket

You can actually arrange for a tour of this place, The lobby area is open to the public from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday and noon to 5 pm on Sunday. To book a tour, contact Longaberger for tour details.

So, if you happen to be in Ohio and you are bored of making fun of those rednecks ... maybe you should pay Longaberger basket a visit.

Chinese Style Feeding

Before I go on lemme first brief you on the prop required to complete this story.

Ladies and gentlemen, This is a tablespoon. This is what angmoh use to eat altho we asians also been using this spoon on a daily basis.

And this is a baby spoon, this is what angmoh used to feed their infants.It looks like a spoon but just that its smaller in size.

So ... to an angmoh/gwailo they will think lidis ... "big spoon for adults and small spoon for infant/kids"

Then a while ago I was having dinner with this angmoh customer of mine at a chinese restaurant.

This gwailo/angmoh havent been to Malaysia before and not to mention he hasnt been eating much chinese food either, so for a change i brought him to my fav chinese restaurant and since we are eating at a chinese restaurant, we would naturally use chopstick rite?!

Looking at the way we handled our chopstick he came out with a question ....

James : You guys were taught from young how to use chopstick huh?
Me : Yea, its a chinese thingy.
James : You know ... a funny thot just came to mind ....
Me : What about?
James : I was thinking about how mothers from my country feeds their babies with tiny little spoons and forks, so I wondered what do Chinese mothers use? Toothpicks?
Me :

14 October 2007

Raya Jokes ... What will you be doing during the long Raya Holiday?

I think the most popular question asked during this time around is :

"What will you be doing during the long Hari Raya Holiday?"

Being the Ahbeng next door type of peeple I m, I kena ask this question derno how many times ledi last week and this week. Then yesday when i go yum char with my buddies the fler ask me again .... it gets abit annoying being asked the same question over and over again innit? It feels like you are being interogated lidat! ... this is how i answered this time :

Ahbeng : Oi ... Raya holiday so many days you do what?
Ahseng : I go Cameron highland holidei with family
Linpeh : I bring Piaomei go Genting
Me : U farkers dem lucky la! I dem pokai now ... i kena work on Raya also
Ahbeng : What work you wanna do?
Me : I think i will do 2 part time work la
Ahseng : Wuah Raya got part time work for you to do meh?
Me : Got la!
Linpeh : What work?
Me : Morning till afternoon I m gonna sell Lemang beside the road.
Linpeh : Lemang ?? Lu cina ahpek mau jual lemang ka??!!!
Me : YALA! Where the hell you can buy lemang being cook by cina mia?! Lidat oni unik ma! Later they buy ledi they can tell their frends ... "ini lemang spesel mia! Cina bikin mia! Mali cuba!
Ahbeng : Wuah you terra la! lidat also u can think!
Me : Abuden?
Ahseng : Then what is your second part time?
Me : Since now is Raya, lotsa peeple either balik kampung or go holiday rite?
Ahseng : Then?
Me : I gonna find big big house and masuk curi la! Can take my own sweet time ... nobody around .... slow slow choose also can! kakakakakaka!!!
Linpeh : MCH! toking to you can puke blood sometime!
Me : Wuahahahaha!!!

If you are going anywhere during this festive season, make sure all your doors are properly locked and your alarm is working properly .... its not gonna be nice to kambek to an empty house ok?

This has been anoder community services by Rojaks Daily

13 October 2007

Selamat Hali Laya La!

Selamat Hari Raya

Saya ucapkan kepada semua member, abangs, kakaks, adiks, pakciks, makciks, datuks, tan sris, puan seris, datins sekalian!

Maaf Zahir Batin.

12 October 2007

Beijing Olympic 2008 Logo Parody - Freakingly Funny!

If you dont know how the Beijing Olympic 2008 logo looks like, here! Take a look yourself.

This is how the Beijing Olympic 2008 logo looks like!

Of course lotsa people already know how the Beijing Olympic logo looks like already but how many of you/them actually know :

1.] How or where did they get the idea to create the logo?
2.] Where does the idea comes from?
3.] What does it means???

Wonder no more! As usual we already have the answer! But before we proceed .... I must first warn you of the graphical nature of the images you going to see if you choose to proceed ok? Dont say I never warn you!

The story begin at a execution range where a convict were sentence to death by bullets ... the rest is self explanatory because its kinda like a comic strips .... If you still dont understand the story after you done reading then goan fark yourself la!!! LOL!

Ready .... Aim .... FIRE!!!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Uuurrgghhhhh ......

Hey Look! You think that can be used as the logo to the olympic? Lets tell our boss ok?

SO! Thats how they got the idea!!! LMAO!!! This Comic Best Anot??!!

[Big tenkiu to Guaisaujai for the pics]

Miss Teen America 2007 Boleh!

Well most of the time we watch those Miss World or Miss Universe or Miss Astro wat wat in TV you could actually see that they do have at least certain degree of intelligence right?

Well then in this Miss Teen Amadika 2007, this gorgeous girl who is representing the South Carolina state were asked a question during one part of the show and belif me when i tell you that this short video will make you luff (for men) till your balls also drop!!! or (for women) makes you luff till your boobs also sagging!!!

Dun belif me? Watch how she make a fool outta herself in front of millions of peeple la!

She actually redefined the meaning of a Bimbo!!!! Who can be more bimbo than her?!!! WHO??!!!

Mehnee tenkiu to DLG for the VDO

11 October 2007

Banana Restaurant Taiwan Condom Themed Restaurant

What kinda place that were supported by the local goverment, has got lotsa condom and also can fulfill your thrist and hunger at the same time?


Its The Banana Restaurant, condom themed restaurant In Taiwan of course!

Banana Restaurant
What kind of establishment is filled with condoms? How about a restaurant? Well, there is now such a place the Banana Restaurant, the only condom-themed restaurant around. With government support, Banana Restaurant not only serves food and beverages but also promotes AIDS awareness. Marvel at the artistic versatility of this rubber medium in the condom-art on display. Each patron receives a free condom and patrons also enjoy 20 percent off all other condom purchases. Dishes are "rated" on the movie rating system, with those garnering restricted ratings seemign to be customer favorites. Dish names are peppered with traditional Chinese sexual innuendoes. For example, "one pillar holds up the sky" (NT$520) and "a hidden but beautiful world" (NT$420). There are guitar performances on weekdays from 7 to 8:30 p.m. and violin performances on weekends.

With dish name like "One Pillar Holds up the sky" even "Sky Keep You" also kenot fight!!!

Then you might thought "What is so special about this themed restaurant?! They giving free condoms and they named their food with funny funny chinese sexual innuendoes, so? "

AH! wait a minutes! there is a chinese proverb that says "Good movie is at the end!" Now come lemme show you what is so special about this place ok?

Come! Follow me! Lemme show you how their dish looks like!

Maybe this is "one pillar hold up sky?"
You noticed the odd shape decoration at the side of the plate?

Does the white odd shaped dish looks familiar?

Its Rice by the way.

Ahem* And What does this looks like?

OH! This is the famous "One Pillar Holds Up Sky!" Dish! Does it looks appetizing to you?

With a pillar so big, no wonder it can hold up the sky! LMAO!!! but it does looks kinda ugly tho .... who would actually eat this stuff?? Will you?

This is your complimentary condom courtesy of Banana Restaurant, if you look carefully the weird shaped object below the picture of the bunny girl actually looks like a pair of legs spreading wide and the hole in the middle ... well i dont think i need to explain further rite?

Nah! Take a closer look!

I think the taiwanese goverment is kinda cool to support this kinda themed restaurant that promotes safe sex! You get free condom but ... i dont know whether the food taste as bad as it look anot! lol

To a certain extend i think having such themed restaurant helps alot especially if a girl is asking you to bring her to the Banana Restaurant then you can be very farking sure that you gonna get laid that nite!!!

Wait .... what if got aunties ask you to bring her to the Banana Restaurant??!! That time u jialat la!! WUAHAHAHAHAA!!!

P.S. : I tried to look for their website but either its in chinese or it does not exist, dint managed to find it.

10 October 2007

Selamat Hari Raya dan Selamat Balik Kampung!

This Kambing Festive Season lotsa cars will be heading back to kampung so please make sure your car is in good conditions and please ensure all the passengers have their seatbelt fasten when the car is in motion, even those passengers who is sitting at the back seats!

If you dont then what being shown here in this video below might happen to you! By the way, the video below might contain some scary/gross/gory elements so if you cant take it the dont pless the play button ok?

Be safe, fasten your seat belts! Dont be a statistic! Have a safe balik kampung journey! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

9 October 2007

The Magical Japanese Porn Towel

Today is a historical day as we are launching a new ploduck into the local market! So all you hamsap lows and pakfus pulez pay close attention ok?

The name of the ploduck is "The Magical Jabpenis Porn Towel" .... What so magical about it? Well .... we will show you

This is a dry mia "The Magical Jabpenis Porn Towel" in this pic you can see the jabpenis girl with stunning body standing in front of the mirror. Did i mention that this towel is still dry? I did?

Now I m gonna wet the towel with water .... see and observe ok?

Now this is how "the Magical Jabpenis Porn Towel" will looks like when its wet! No I dont mean the jabpenis girl is wet! The towel is wet ... wait ... i think the jabpenis girl is wet too and shes abit different now .... something is missing!!! You got see what is missing anot??!!! GOT SEE ANOT??!!!

And this is how "the magical jabpenis porn towel" will look like after its dry again!

This would make very good "self consolation" gift for yourself! Your wife/gf(s) wont even know you got a porn towel that you been using to tfk in the toilet!! (unless you sharing towels with her la!)

We taking orders now .... you all dont fake fake la! Come email me! i know u want it geh! I wont tell your wife/gf(s) wan! All purchase is confidential!