11 October 2007

Banana Restaurant Taiwan Condom Themed Restaurant

What kinda place that were supported by the local goverment, has got lotsa condom and also can fulfill your thrist and hunger at the same time?


Its The Banana Restaurant, condom themed restaurant In Taiwan of course!

Banana Restaurant
What kind of establishment is filled with condoms? How about a restaurant? Well, there is now such a place the Banana Restaurant, the only condom-themed restaurant around. With government support, Banana Restaurant not only serves food and beverages but also promotes AIDS awareness. Marvel at the artistic versatility of this rubber medium in the condom-art on display. Each patron receives a free condom and patrons also enjoy 20 percent off all other condom purchases. Dishes are "rated" on the movie rating system, with those garnering restricted ratings seemign to be customer favorites. Dish names are peppered with traditional Chinese sexual innuendoes. For example, "one pillar holds up the sky" (NT$520) and "a hidden but beautiful world" (NT$420). There are guitar performances on weekdays from 7 to 8:30 p.m. and violin performances on weekends.

With dish name like "One Pillar Holds up the sky" even "Sky Keep You" also kenot fight!!!

Then you might thought "What is so special about this themed restaurant?! They giving free condoms and they named their food with funny funny chinese sexual innuendoes, so? "

AH! wait a minutes! there is a chinese proverb that says "Good movie is at the end!" Now come lemme show you what is so special about this place ok?

Come! Follow me! Lemme show you how their dish looks like!

Maybe this is "one pillar hold up sky?"
You noticed the odd shape decoration at the side of the plate?

Does the white odd shaped dish looks familiar?

Its Rice by the way.

Ahem* And What does this looks like?

OH! This is the famous "One Pillar Holds Up Sky!" Dish! Does it looks appetizing to you?

With a pillar so big, no wonder it can hold up the sky! LMAO!!! but it does looks kinda ugly tho .... who would actually eat this stuff?? Will you?

This is your complimentary condom courtesy of Banana Restaurant, if you look carefully the weird shaped object below the picture of the bunny girl actually looks like a pair of legs spreading wide and the hole in the middle ... well i dont think i need to explain further rite?

Nah! Take a closer look!

I think the taiwanese goverment is kinda cool to support this kinda themed restaurant that promotes safe sex! You get free condom but ... i dont know whether the food taste as bad as it look anot! lol

To a certain extend i think having such themed restaurant helps alot especially if a girl is asking you to bring her to the Banana Restaurant then you can be very farking sure that you gonna get laid that nite!!!

Wait .... what if got aunties ask you to bring her to the Banana Restaurant??!! That time u jialat la!! WUAHAHAHAHAA!!!

P.S. : I tried to look for their website but either its in chinese or it does not exist, dint managed to find it.


  1. ha ha ha, how do you eat the food? suck it?

  2. yih...the "Pillar" really looks like gugujiao lor.....

    I think when eat that thing will feel like giving a BJ!


  3. Oh my holy God that 'pillar' looks so nauseatingly 'watt tatt' man!!!

    I think I will vomit first before I even wanna eat it.

    But dang cool wei! :)

  4. wah... how to eat those food stuff woh? looks so geli :P

  5. clement : erm ... u look at the food and bekam very sexcited ledi izzit? lol

    guaisaujai : haha u r more imaginative than me!

    pinky : next time u fly taiwan you go look for this restoren la wei! Its in taichung wan! take lotsa piktures and send me wei!

    chen : if you also say geli hor ... i also derno how other ppl can tkae it ledi lol!


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