4 October 2007

How To Ask A Man To Do Something

To prove that we in Rojaks Daily is not sexist, today we are gonna teach you girls/ahsohs/aunties/madams/grandmas etc.. how to make your man do stuffs for you.

1. First and foremost ...... Make sure the fler is conscious/not drunk when u asking him.

2. If he refused then .... Threaten to crash the hard drive with his porno collection on his computer and line the bird cage with his sports/cars magazines.

3. Or Nag 9 him! but try to be brief! Limit your nagging harangue to two, three hours, max.

4. Reward him for cooperative behavior. Offer to cook him something that you doesn't need to put into microwave wan OR promise to buy him a few porno dvds.

5. If he dont co-operate ..... show him some color byMicrowave-ing his TV/astro remote control on high power for 55 minutes. Rotate 1/4 turn, and microwave again for another 35 minutes.

6.The last and ultimate way on how to ask your man do something for you OR if all the above failed ... then .... Show up naked!


  1. y dont just skip all the steps and just skip right to number 6. reduce hassle ma =D

  2. err.. if u r a man asking another man to do something?

  3. clement if that man is homosexual, same as point 6, if the man is straight, i think you shouldn't do point 6, bwahahha

  4. Why go thru all the hassle of the front 5 steps at all when number 6 is the most effective of all! :D But right after sex, your man may be too shagged to do anything for you. If it's something urgent that needs to be attended to right away, this method might not work well :p

  5. Or just lure and taunt him with sex and stand naked in front of him. Make you do what you want him to do before you let him get over you :p

  6. nick : everytime also goto no.6 will bored one leh! lol

    clement : erm ... if a man asking another man to do something? Bribe him la!!!

    b@m : hahaha! if the man is straight then hire a girl to show up naked lor!

    mockingbird : of coz get him to do your stuffs first then only let him happy la! lol

  7. i see from 1 forum b4 .. one women get naked in front of a man, just to hav sex with him but he refuse.. so how if got this case happen ?? means dun work d lor all de ways ~~ wahhahha ~~

  8. Ha... I dun have this prob, no body will ask me do something.

  9. Wah laueh!!! Luckily u teach them how to bite off 'bro' while doing bj! Aiyah u should just teach the ladies NO 6 only! Have a nice day!

  10. All right. Very nice. I think these are some effective ways that certainly work for some men. But I don't think it would work on my latest pick. LOL


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