3 October 2007

He Bangs!

Got one fler driving behind a container lorry, this container lorry driver is Ahbeng and there is something very strange with Ahbeng. At the trapik light Ahbeng get down from the lorry with a steering lock and walk to the back of the container then bang the container a few times before getting back onto the driver seat.

Being a busy body the Man got down from his car at the next trapik light to ask Ahbeng ..

Man : eh .. hope you dont mind me asking har ...
Ahbeng : Hamik?
Man : What you doing ar? you banging on the container at every trapik light for what?
Ahbeng : SShhhhhh!!!! Dont say so loud!
Man : HAR??!! why?
Ahbeng : My lorry is overload by 10 ton ler ... I carrying 15 ton of chicken, my lorry can carry 10 ton oni....
Man : Then? Why you bang the container?
Ahbeng : I overloading mah! so I thot if I bang on the container then the chicken will sked and they will fly and I wont overload lor!


  1. Death chicken can fly meh??? I tho he 'bang' the chicken! He! He! Have a nice day!

  2. What type of chicken leh?


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