1 October 2007

Must Save Them Rhinos

If you are a regular blogs readers, surely you alredi read about the ongoing most tokabout campaign going on in our blogsphere, its non other than Honda Malaysia & WWF-Malaysia Rhino Rescue Project.

Why I notchet write anything about it? Erm … sometime you gotta come out last to be able to send the message across loud and clear one! Rite boh?

Anyway, before I begin … I wanna ask you all whether you know what is Unicorn anot?

Have you ever seen a Unicorn before? No? You know why you dont have a chance to see them? Because they extinctED! Thats why!

Why they extincted? Because nobody helped to save them la!

We all actually dem lucky ... we are getting a second chance to correct our mistake, the unicorn reincarnated in another form and this time instead of a white colored single horn creature they came back as grey colored single horn beast.

Unicorn is history ledi, now they are called Rhinoceros or Rhinos in short, those we are walking in our jungle are better known as Sumatran Rhinoceros.

Guessed what? Yea ... they too need our help. Same like unicorn, Sumatran Rhinos are in the midst of extinction. According to a reliable source Sumatran Rhinos is one of "the most seriously endangered species of large mammals in the world."

You may wanna ask me ... Why Lidis wan? Why suddenly extinct wan? Lemme tell you why....
Its all human! We! Us! Ourselves! We throw them out of their homes and make golf courses outta them. We also hunt them down for their horn and meat and whatever body parts that can be sold, with less than 300 Sumatran Rhinos left in the this world there arent much left by the end of this year.

They also got very short lifespan (less than 50 yrs oni) and their late breeding age is not helping much either.

At this rate they will be gone in no time. Kaputed! Dissapeared! Vanished! Adios! Asta Lavista Baby! No more Rhinos in our mother land anymore.

Fear Not! Help is here!!!

Realising this fact, Honda is collaborating with WWF, together they came out with a 5 years plan to save the Sumatran Rhinos, its called Honda Malaysia & WWF-Malaysia Rhino Rescue Project and Honda Malaysia also pledged RM5 millions to the conservation funds.

What can we do to help? Help spread the words and help creating awareness among the people you know. If you have a blog you could even put this small button up to help spread the words too!

To get html codes for the above button pulez click HERE

Of course there is more than spread the words, to know what else you could do to help save them Rhinos please visit Honda Malaysia & WWF-Malaysia Rhino Rescue Project website

Spread the words ... Help us Help them Rhinos while they are still around!

[Photos courtesy of WWF and Honda]


  1. Save the Rhinos!! Im joining In!! Anymore other animals at the brink of extinction? Let's support this!! Cheers and God Bless

  2. unicorns existed???

  3. There are a number of legends about rhinoceroses stamping out fire. The story seems to have been common in Malaysia, India, and Burma. This type of rhinoceros even had a special name in Malay, badak api, where badak means rhinoceros and api means fire. The animal would come when a fire is lit in the forest and stamp it out. Whether or not there is any truth to this has not yet been proven, as there has been no documented sighting of this phenomenon in recent history. This lack of evidence may stem from the fact that rhinoceros sightings overall in south-east Asia have become very rare, largely due to widespread poaching of the critically endangered animal. This legend is featured prominently in the film The Gods Must Be Crazy as well as on an episode of The Simpsons.


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