31 October 2007

The Ship of the Desert

Few days ago I was having this conversation with our Taikor Kenny the Rawker about Dubai ...

Me : Anything spesel about Dubai ar?
Kenny : GOT! Here got lotsa deserts and camelssss!!!


Me : You actually can see camels everywhere?
Kenny : Yea ... especially at my site opis which is coincidently just next to the camel race course!
Camel crossing the street in Dubai

Me : WUAH!! got camel race course wan??!!
Kenny : Abuden?
Me : Eh ... You know anot that in Middle east countries they call Camel as the ship of Desert.
Kenny : Izzit? I derno ler ... nobody told me that befoh.
Me : Actually there is a reason why they are called "The ship of the desert" one
Kenny : Whats the reason?
Me : The reason got related to hamsap one ... u guess and see!
Kenny : err .... dunno ... tell la!
Me : okok lemme gibe u a hint ... ship is full of what one?
Kenny : Sailor?
Me : Whats other words for sailor?
Kenny : Err ... dunno
Me : Its Seamen!
Kenny : Ok .... so?
Me : Seamen wor ... u still dont gedit ar? Seamen sounds like semen la!!! Semen you now anot? Sperm la!!
Kenny : Har??!!! Why camel is full of semen wan? unless ... OHHH!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Me : Now go tell those ppl in Dubai this joke and see they you can come back alive anot! WUAHAHAHAHA!
Kenny : Want lidat meh =.=""


  1. I dare not say it at all here lor... later cannot see u all forever... LOL

  2. hmm dont quite get it leh..


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