6 October 2007

Women's Hair Loss Project

Most women said that they often loss their hair after deliver a baby. But the matter of fact it’s a myth. There are many reasons why a person actually loss hair and there is a blog that tell us stories ‘bout hair loss, Female Hair Loss is a place where u can know it all.

women's hair loss project is one woman's journey though life while dealing with hair loss at a young age. And she is now sharing her real life experience and she created a place where women do not have to suffer in silence about hair loss anymore. With the true stories from the women we can now have a very clear picture and able to know more bout hair loss.

Now I know by taking the wrong drugs will cause hair loss and I also know that hair loss do not only happens to men as women actually also make up forty percent of American hair loss sufferers.

So hop on to this friendly one month old blog to share or to know more bout hair loss now. If you think you are having problem, u definitely not alone.