21 October 2007

I Lafu Fresh Sushi!!!

This post is dedicated to those whos a great fan of the Jabpenis national dish ... SUSHI!!!

Who dont lafu sushi? Most of Mareysia peeple lafu sushi rite? Everytime after i ate sushi i felt like i can speak nihonggo (jabpenis) lidat!!! Dats why lotsa peeple lafu sushi la!

Well ... I m not sure you still gonna lafu sushi as much as you do after watching this 2 videos i got ready speselly for you all sushi fansee.

Wow! You see that? That fish is screaming in pain while those jabpenis is enjoying it's flesh .... omg! You see how the fish is screaming out loud "HELP!!! HELP!!!" with its mouth wide open and yet they continue to feast on its flesh? This is what I call fresh sushi neh!!! Ichiban!!!

You see how that fish is waving "bye bye" to those jabpenis? I dont understand jabpenis but i think those girls were saying something like "oh look! that fish is so cute! its waving at us altho we are eating its flesh now! Kawaiii nehhh!!! *make peace sign and camwhore with the fish*

I wonder if we could do the same thing with our local ikan kembung or tilapia anot? its alot cheaper you know?


  1. farkkk. this is so sickening..........

  2. shit man, at least kill the fish first... this is so cruel..

  3. ...bhin tai..just like wingz!! sei fei wing!!!!!

  4. Happenin in our backyard too lei, some crazy Chinamen will get fresh sek-pan or what ever, quick deep fried the bosy part in HOT oil then, serve while the fish mouth is still gaspin for air and eyes still wide open and alive. Sigh... for 'freshness' woh... not just Japs tat's mad. U should chk out how these fellas eat monkey brains! Worst!

  5. Imagine....when someone is eating u...keep u alive...use toothpick to keep ur eyes open...wanna u look at urself being eaten...

    cut out ur flesh piece by piece...
    Bcos need some seasoning, he pours some salt and Ajinomoto on the flesh...

    He enjoying ur flesh very much...he laugh...cos ur mouth is wide open, like the fish.....


  6. this is nothing if compared to their WWII cruelty.

    Japs are notorious for that. So what's eating a live fish for them? It's like stepping on ants.

  7. eeeeeeyyyyerrrrrr...

    At least the sushi here is the fish dead and frozen some time liao.

    I heard in China they also do the same but only the fish is deep-fried...


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