2 October 2007

I ate Ratatouille

No! not the rat! I know when I mentioned Ratatouille you all might think its this rat :

But in actual fact, the correct definition of Ratatouille is this :
Ratatouille (IPA:[rætəˈtui, -ˈtwi]; French pronunciation: [ʁataˈtuj]) is a traditional French Provençal stewed vegetable dish, originating in Nice. The full name of the dish is ratatouille niçoise.

The word Ratatouille comes from "touiller," which means to toss food. Ratatouille originated in the area around present day Nice. It was, originally, a poor farmer's dish, prepared in the summer with fresh summer vegetables. The original Ratatouille Niçoise did not contain eggplant (which would not have been available during the same time period as the other vegetables used). Instead, it used only zucchini (courgettes), tomatoes, green and red peppers (bell peppers), onion, and garlic. The dish known today as Ratatouille adds eggplant (aubergine) to that mixture.

And this is how the actual Ratatouille should looks like (more or less la)

Just the other day I was at my mum's place when I saw my Bro cooking, so i walked up to him and asked him :

Me : What you cooking?
Bro : Ratatouille ....
Me : Rata what??!!
Bro : Ratatouille!!! you know the movie we just watched a few days ago? Ratatouille!
Me : MCH!! You beat me to it??!!! How can??!!!

Yea ... me n my bro n my sis ... we all loves to cook and we also love to do experiment on our food, so my bro beat me to it ... but fear not!!!

This is the Ratatouille recipe he got from his personal cookbook (yea we all got our personal cookbook and personal wok and knives etc etc... we belif a cook should have a personal relationship with all his/her tools wan)

This is how Ratatouille should looks like when its done ....

After seing what he came out with ... we had this conversation :

Me : Bro ... you sure this is Ratatouille?
Bro : Sure!!!
Me : It dont looks like the Ratatouille man ....
Bro : You sure?
Me : I think i know what this is!
Bro : What??
Me : Its a new chinese dish!
Bro : Yea rite! if its a chinese dish then whats the name of it?
Me : lapsaptouille (lap-sap-too-ee , garbage dump in canto) becoz it sounded like Ratatouille (rat-a-too-ee) and it actually looks like a garbage dump!

There! I said it! I just named a new chinese dish lapsaptouille (lap-sap-too-ee, pronounced as lap-sap-tui which means garbage dump in canto) .... tell me this below dish dont looks like a lap-sap-too-ee ok?

Ladies and Genitalmen .... I give you the latest chinese dish! Lapsaptouille!!! (lap-sap-too-ee)

Orders open now .... free delivery worldwide!!! To order call 1-800-lapsaptouille now!

Terms and conditions applies.


  1. yucks... kkl.. do u really eat it ?? aiyerrrrrrr... gross !

  2. Hahahaha..I want to order..!!! Looks delicious..!! I have a suggestion..Why don't you come up with new dishes..

  3. Haha...I made Ratatouille right after I watched the movie...:p

    Now that you mentioned, yes..Mine looks like lap sap touille too ehehe

  4. Ya, like lap sap but maybe if decorate with some stuff it will look better. So, did you eat that?

  5. Aiks... How is the taste like then?? I hope it's better the look..:D:D:D

  6. Hallo! After eating 'lap sah tang' will go to 'lau sai' or not?? He! He! Have a nice day!

  7. hahahahahah! like dog food ah ahahhah!

  8. kkp : yea I ate it ... but it dont taste as bad as it looks tho

    ep : ok set! fast fast dial the number at the bottom of the post la!

    l'abeille : i wanna taste your lapsaptouille!

    erinalaw : decoration kena ask u ledi bcoz u r the sifu!

    sae wei : definitely taste better than its look ler lol

    horny : after eat will bekam food critic! lol

    timvalwoon : dogfoodtouille?

  9. Your brother's lapsaptouille really looks like lapsap :p i guess its taste was probably better than its looks :p


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