23 October 2007

Halloween Baby

That baby face is so .... scary!!! I wonders if the custome were made by his/her mum because that "thing" that stick out of his/her sweater looks like a bloody kukuciao/penis!

Its not a good when you trying to scare those pretty/sexy aunties with a bloody kukuciao you know? What if next time they got phobia towards kukuciao ledi???!!! LMAO!!

Ok la! cant deny that the baby is cute tho ... I would give him/her candy if he/she knocks on my door during halloween .... right after he/she go thru my fierce dog 1st that is ... lol!


  1. that thing sticking out is an alien baby like in the Alien movies mah..

  2. Are you sure this is not your picture when u r baby ?

  3. yor ~~ de baby can act ju-on already .. lol ~~ The baby's eyes open so big .. scary leh .. & his outfit damn chun !! Wingz, u oso wear on Halloween la .. or make one for ur son .. haha ~~


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