22 October 2007

How Many Working?

According to a survey done by Rojaks Institut of research ... The population of our country is 27 million.

Out of 27 million 12 million retired ledi, left 15 million oni.

9 Million is too young or still skooling, so now left 6 million oni.

Out of the 6 million 4 million werking for the gomen left 2 million oni.

1 million are in army and polis, left 1 million to work.

In this 1 million, 500,000 is too lazy to work ... then left 500,000 peeple oni.

Then out of 500,000 peeple, 150,000 peeple is gonna be on-leave/sick at any given time so left oni 350,000 peeple to do all the work oni.

Out of 350,000 peeple .... 150,000 alredi migrated to ader country so left 200,000 peeple oni.

Then in the prison got 199,998 peeple. So, left 2 peeple oni .... You and me.

And you're sitting at your computer reading jokes ... MCH! no wonder I so busy la!


  1. ..diu u la! i ask u work u write jokes for me!! kanneH!

  2. why for u work so hard? relak like the rest of us!

  3. MCH, no wonder la my phone keep ringing. U so free write this long grandfather story and dont do work.

    Now faster continue your work.

  4. u write already lagi mau tiu ppl. Like that, u come join us shake legs and relax like us lor - that is what wuching said also mah

  5. mch@@ lol you're true also, 1 million are in army and polis to take $$ from us.


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