23 October 2007

Rataouille!!! Lotsa Rataouille!!!

I was a this pet shop the other day wanna buy food for my fish then I saw this!

Lots & lotsa Rataouille!!!! What color also got!!!

and they are freaking cute too you know?!! RM3.50 each oni!

Then I goan ask the pet shop boss la....

Me : Boss, now trend to have Rataouille as pet ar?
Boss : No la! Those are not pets ler
Me : Not pets then what?
Boss : Those are food
Me : Food to what???!!
Boss : Food to pet python snake
Me : WTF??!!! so cute goan feed to snake??!!!
Boss : Eh but if you want can buy as pet what? cheap cheap oni wor! RM3.50 each! Cheaper than hamsters!
Me : MCH lu! Later got snake come my house hunt for food how?!!!
Boss : HAHAHAHA! Then u catch the snake and sell to me la!
Me : KNN!! Now I know where you got your snakes from!
Boss : Shhhhh!!! dont say so loud la!


  1. err.....how come ppl like to take snake as pet har????

    really cannot understand...

  2. the rats a bit disgusting la ~~ but is too cruel to let the snake eats dem ~~ yiaks ~~

  3. pity the small animal...............

  4. dun wan let snake eat can let kitty eat also...


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