19 October 2007

Best Wilkinson Sword Shaver Ads - luff till your balls drop!

You ever thot of it this way? that as a husband you will hafta fight with your son/child to get your wife's attention?

I mean your wife would only have so much hours to spend in a day and she hafta decide on who she would wanna spend it with ... so indirectly (if you are an attention whore) you would be competing against your own kids for you wife's attention!

Well this wilkinson Sword ads took the whole fighting for attention thing to the next level and when i post it here ... it means its also farking funny too! You derno what you missing if you dont watch this video, trust me! Wingz dun bruff wan!

*P.S. Start paying attention when the baby jumped (ala matric style) thats when i luffED my GAS out!

How? Seen any ads lidis lately? Creative innit?

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha.. How i wish i don't have that kind of babies in future... If not, always fart makes me pengsan wor...


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