14 October 2007

Raya Jokes ... What will you be doing during the long Raya Holiday?

I think the most popular question asked during this time around is :

"What will you be doing during the long Hari Raya Holiday?"

Being the Ahbeng next door type of peeple I m, I kena ask this question derno how many times ledi last week and this week. Then yesday when i go yum char with my buddies the fler ask me again .... it gets abit annoying being asked the same question over and over again innit? It feels like you are being interogated lidat! ... this is how i answered this time :

Ahbeng : Oi ... Raya holiday so many days you do what?
Ahseng : I go Cameron highland holidei with family
Linpeh : I bring Piaomei go Genting
Me : U farkers dem lucky la! I dem pokai now ... i kena work on Raya also
Ahbeng : What work you wanna do?
Me : I think i will do 2 part time work la
Ahseng : Wuah Raya got part time work for you to do meh?
Me : Got la!
Linpeh : What work?
Me : Morning till afternoon I m gonna sell Lemang beside the road.
Linpeh : Lemang ?? Lu cina ahpek mau jual lemang ka??!!!
Me : YALA! Where the hell you can buy lemang being cook by cina mia?! Lidat oni unik ma! Later they buy ledi they can tell their frends ... "ini lemang spesel mia! Cina bikin mia! Mali cuba!
Ahbeng : Wuah you terra la! lidat also u can think!
Me : Abuden?
Ahseng : Then what is your second part time?
Me : Since now is Raya, lotsa peeple either balik kampung or go holiday rite?
Ahseng : Then?
Me : I gonna find big big house and masuk curi la! Can take my own sweet time ... nobody around .... slow slow choose also can! kakakakakaka!!!
Linpeh : MCH! toking to you can puke blood sometime!
Me : Wuahahahaha!!!

If you are going anywhere during this festive season, make sure all your doors are properly locked and your alarm is working properly .... its not gonna be nice to kambek to an empty house ok?

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