16 October 2007

Longaberger Basket a Fairy Tale Came True

If you think the lady who live in a shoe with a bunch of kids fairytale is weird enuff then what about a group of peeple working in a basket?!

Who works in a basket? Take a look yourself!

This basket is the HQ of a company call Longaberger (no they are not related to Lampa Berger) They manufactures baskets! The photo above is not a replica but a real 7 storey building which is the HQ of Longaberger building in Newark, Ohio Amadika.

Located on State Route 16 on the east side of Newark. No, it's not a joke--this is a real building! As you can see from the photograph, you CAN'T miss it.

This "seven-story replica of a Longaberger Market Basket has been featured in publications around the globe, and it has literally stopped traffic along Route 16". Longaberger's customer satisfaction, information services, marketing, community affairs, legal, purchasing, and accounting departments make the basket building their home.


This basket is exactly 160 times bigger than the longaberger basket they are making.

This is what you will be able to see if you are driving thru the building.


This is the lobby

Thats the handle of the "basket"


Cozy lobby with a grand piano

Spiral Stairs leading to second storey

The actual size of a Longaberger basket

You can actually arrange for a tour of this place, The lobby area is open to the public from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday and noon to 5 pm on Sunday. To book a tour, contact Longaberger for tour details.

So, if you happen to be in Ohio and you are bored of making fun of those rednecks ... maybe you should pay Longaberger basket a visit.


  1. whoa man, this is sooo cool! :D hell never thought someone will build a building out of the shape of a BASKET of all things... XD nice one! if got chance i also wanna go see see lo haha...

    and how come malaysia dun hav fun buildings like this one??? the most fun also sunway pyramid nia, and uhh it's not THAT fun also!

  2. kakaaka...

    Can say that the "my company is basket"... LOL!!! ;-)


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