12 October 2007

Miss Teen America 2007 Boleh!

Well most of the time we watch those Miss World or Miss Universe or Miss Astro wat wat in TV you could actually see that they do have at least certain degree of intelligence right?

Well then in this Miss Teen Amadika 2007, this gorgeous girl who is representing the South Carolina state were asked a question during one part of the show and belif me when i tell you that this short video will make you luff (for men) till your balls also drop!!! or (for women) makes you luff till your boobs also sagging!!!

Dun belif me? Watch how she make a fool outta herself in front of millions of peeple la!

She actually redefined the meaning of a Bimbo!!!! Who can be more bimbo than her?!!! WHO??!!!

Mehnee tenkiu to DLG for the VDO


  1. South Africa... Iraq... Asian Countries... What was she thinking?

  2. Her English too deep la, I catch no ball

  3. errr...how bout Malaysia? can help? My house no map oso woh.


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