12 October 2007

Beijing Olympic 2008 Logo Parody - Freakingly Funny!

If you dont know how the Beijing Olympic 2008 logo looks like, here! Take a look yourself.

This is how the Beijing Olympic 2008 logo looks like!

Of course lotsa people already know how the Beijing Olympic logo looks like already but how many of you/them actually know :

1.] How or where did they get the idea to create the logo?
2.] Where does the idea comes from?
3.] What does it means???

Wonder no more! As usual we already have the answer! But before we proceed .... I must first warn you of the graphical nature of the images you going to see if you choose to proceed ok? Dont say I never warn you!

The story begin at a execution range where a convict were sentence to death by bullets ... the rest is self explanatory because its kinda like a comic strips .... If you still dont understand the story after you done reading then goan fark yourself la!!! LOL!

Ready .... Aim .... FIRE!!!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Uuurrgghhhhh ......

Hey Look! You think that can be used as the logo to the olympic? Lets tell our boss ok?

SO! Thats how they got the idea!!! LMAO!!! This Comic Best Anot??!!

[Big tenkiu to Guaisaujai for the pics]



  2. omg. the things people think of! xD

  3. Omg, so funny. Thank goodness your blog is banned in China. Anyway, have a look at this. It's a girl (trying) to play Star Wars' theme song on trumpet- on national tv some more. Enjoy!


  4. Just know ar. Hmm Hmm


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