31 October 2007

EPL Fansee! Are you READY??!!!

I got this piece of good news for football/soccer fans! Hypp.tv is gonna show you all the millions dollars clips of the latest matches in Barclays English Premier League (EPL) for just 9.90 a month! No! I tarak bruff you wan! Lemme show you the screen shot I took from Hypp.tv website.

Click on Hypp.tv to find out more.

For that RM9.90 a month you will also be getting :

  • Barclays Premier League match highlights for the whole season!
  • Video summaries of all matches played for the season.
  • Video clips of : Goal of the Week, Golden Moment, Team of the Week, Player of the Week etc.

The Video streaming speed is unbelievable!!! I streaming several internet TV regularly (YouTube, TVU, BBC news, etc.) but I never streamed any online video at this fantastic speed before! Its just like you are actually having the video file on your hardisk lidat! The video quality … Phhuuhhh!! I tell lu …. dem blardee chun man!!! Its so sharp it can cut your eyeballs! Hypp.tv Gua caya sam lu la!!!

You don’t hafta take my words for it, judge it yourself for free! Lemme show lu where you can go to get free content ok? Just follow these simple instructions.

1st goto Hypp.tv then click on “Sports” (illustrated below)

Then when you got to the “Sports” section, you kena click on the “Free Clips” tab which is located at the bottom of the screen. (as shown in the below picture)

Choose a clip of your choice, sit back and wait for it to play. You don’t have to wait long tho ….

A five minutes clip start playing 5 seconds after I clicked on the link. Within that 5 minutes there is no jerking, no buffering, no pixilated pictures …. Just blardee clear and sharp videos right till the end!

While you at hypp.tv, why not take a look at their forum [Link] where fansee talks about anything and everything about EPL or take alook at the latest scores at their League Table? Looks like Arsenal is on the top of the scoreboard now with 19 points [Link] There is also this ongoing chun contest whereby the winner could win a 3-month subscription for Barclays Premier League clips package plus many many more!!!

Try it yourself! Its legal, its addictive, its exciting, its fast, Its affordable! Gerenti lu no regret wan!

And before I go lunch ... check out this latest Video clip of Hypp.tv titled Liverpool - 5 times champions!


  1. so, how much did they pay you for the ads? jajaja.

  2. Brader! money is not the main objective why i wanna do this advertorial leh. You go hypp.tv website and see for yourself dem chun one i tell lu! if not chun i also dun wanna do this advertorial.

  3. you're such a pirate. i like!

  4. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and have to leave a comment!! Your blog is great haha and makes me laugh!! I like the "ah beng" culture u portray here. Keep it up!!


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