30 May 2007

Now Everyone Can erm ..... You Read and Decide la!

First we have "Now, Everyone can fly" then now we have this new hype in town, Tunehotel.com!

From as low as RM9.99 (we heard this many many many times befoh havent we?) you can get a room for a night! Now everyone can Phuack sleep?

Now all the China's maid got a place to stay ledi!!! Wuahahahaha!!!

This shud be one piece of good news for Linpeh and his legions of Piao Meis also!!! Their operation cost is now alot lower, hence higher profits!!! kakakakaka!!!

But dont be so happy yet ok? Why? Because other stuffs are not included wan! Like what? Like ...

Aircond is not included

All our rooms are equipped with a ceiling fan. If you wish to enjoy cool air-conditioner breeze, we provide it as an affordable add-on feature: 5 hours@RM4.99 and 12 hours@RM9.99.

Toiletries also not included

Tune in to your ‘senses’ with our cute toiletries kit:
(1) Senses mini kit (conditioning shampoo and 2 soaps @ RM1.99)
(2) Senses deluxe kit (conditioning shampoo, bath gel, 2 soaps, tooth paste, tooth brush, shower caps, sanitary bag and cotton buds @ RM4.99).

Towels also not included!

Forgot to pack one from home? No worries! A range of affordable towels are available at our convenience store, starting from the basic range @ RM9.99++ to superior range @ RM14.99++

Just make sure u bring your own towel or if not you goan buy the towel first before u turn on that tap to shower ... if not u kena walk naked go down n buy towel lol!

Blekfast lagi not included la!

What better way to start your day than with our RM2.99 Breakfast Set. Enjoy a hot cup of aromatic white coffee with a slice of delicious kaya toast. Simply add-on this delicious option when you book online.


But its u count count properly .... its still cheap lar even after u added all that optional items up, IF you managed to get a room at RM9.99 la! I tried to book a room just now and it cost me RM43.99 .

Its also centrally located with easy access via public transportations. Their Location? Go to their website and look at the map ler!

I very teh like the wat they painted the building la!

How? Chun anot?

French Idol Nouvelle Star - Joseph Beatbox

I tarak watch those wat wat idol or wat wat singing kontest mia, why? becoz all those show are pretty much the same. Singing dancing and judging, and of coz you also gotta see lotsa William Hung wannabe la! Whois William Hung? where you been?

Then again once a while you sure to get some unique talent showing up in shows lidis. In French Idol (Nouvelle Star) there is this Joseph guy whois a french apparently .... This guy is unique, very unique, he got into the fench idol without much singing!

Nicknamed Joseph Beatbox, this 21 yrs old chubby french guy can make all sorta sound with his mouth, there is a few videos below for your viewing pleasure, watch and be amazed!

I derno whether he made it to the final anot but I do think hes very unique compares to the others and he definitely got higher value as a contestant compares to those who just know how to sing and dance.

With frend like him, who need walkman?

Fortune Teller from China

I was at mines a few days ago for lunch, my primary objective is to do some banking stuffs and after i got it done its alredi lunch time ... so i thot might as well makan first before go bek to opis.

Being the stingy basket that I am (what to do? mch! dem susah mau cari makan nowadays you know? Not only rumah bocor .. my pocket also bocor every month!) I go makan at their Spices of Malaysia food court la.

Ok la the food in that food court is not really cheap la not to mention the taste is like kns but still this is the only place i can afford ... beggars cant be choosers .. hantam sajer!!!

Then i order wantan mee from the counter (which dont taste like wantan mee), it cost me RM5+ for a small wantan mee. I paid for my yucky food and get a table to myself. (yea i eats alone ... i got a pathetic life ... i got no frend ... will u be my frend? pulezzzzz? will you? will you?)

This is where i sits and eats (alone) .... when i took my first bite suddenly a man in his 50 appeared from nowhere asking me if he could sit down in mandarin, skali i hear his mandarin slang i know this fler is China (Biao Ger) mali mia.

He took a seat and begin toking to me in Mandarin .... as my mandarin is half pail water or perhaps hes really speaking farkingly soft I cant hear wtf hes trying to say also, so i told him i cant hear him and I m not interested.

Biao Ger : Boss I see you "Pig round Skin Smooth/ G Yuen Yoke Yoon" but this year you abit black ..... I give you a spesel package fortune telling ... I help u kautim all your problems want anot? (in mandarin la)
Me : Dunwan ... not interested ... dun disturb me having my lunch. (in my half pail full mandarin)
Biao Ger : But I can really help you! I come from so far away and yet we can meet here, its some kinda fate ... I m destined to help you.
Me : No money .... I dun really understand your mandarin ... go away.
Biao Ger : I dont charge you much! if you think i not chun then you no nid to pay me! Come try me!
Me : You sure you really know how to tell the future?
Biao Ger : SURE! if I m not accurate then you no nid pay me anything!
Me : I think you are a big liar! ..... If you really can tell the future, then how come you derno that I am gonna weck 9 the daylight outta you if you keep disturbing me from taking my lunch ?

*Biao Ger Get up and leave*

I thot in China only got Biao Ger conmen ... mana tau they invading Malaysia ledi! Lemme tell u how they con 9 u ...

1st 1st they tell u that u will be farking sucksesfool in the future but the are obstacles u kena kautim first before u can be farkingly Lich. Then they tell u they wanna go your house and see your fengsui ... after looking at your house they will tell you your house fengsui kanasai then asked u to give them 50k to do something about it.

After which they will ask u to bring them to your parents houz ... from there they gonna slaughter you again ... finally they will get you to bring them to your ancestors mia grave and then they will tell u some grandfader stories and con 9 lu again!

Now that i blogged about it ... be careful if got Biao Ger approaching you offering to tell you your future ok? They cant even tell their own future .... what else yours?

28 May 2007

The older you get the younger you will bekam

One day inside this old folks home, 2 old wood (Linpeh and Cocka) were having a conversation :

Cocka : Linpeh .... i tell u har ... I 83 yrs old ledi and my body almost kondem ledi! Everyday I wakeup here pain there pain ... mch! I derno how long my body can last till i kiok .... You have this problem anot Linpeh?
Linpeh : No wor!! My body feels dem chun!
Cocka : Dem chun?
Linpeh : YAR! feel like new body lidat!
Cocka : How new?
Linpeh : Like Newborn baby lidat!
Cocka : How kam?
Linpeh : Because My body met with all the criterias of a newborn baby lor.
Cocka : Like what?
Linpeh : Like .... Botak, Toothless and I just wet my pampers!

25 May 2007

Shivers Me Timbers! RAWRRR!!!

Its nice to see so many familiar faces in one place, Its the first all bloggers movie session sponsored by Nuffnang and with all of us there ... I doubt there is much movements on PPS yesday nite.

I arrived at the Curve at around 7 pm, a geng of us wanna sit down tok kok and stuff our fat face before we goto the cinema. Innitially I am suppose to meet Kenny Ng, Frostier, CKYeo, Pennypupz, Huei and Paul Tan at TGIF but when i arrived I met Cely, Hongkiat, Cincau, Kimchi, Zeo, Belle, Albert, Jayelle and alot of some other bloggers are also there. Its like a pre-gathering before the movie lidat la! (soli again peeple ... no time to find all your peeple mia url and put up the links)

Tixs to POTC 3

So when bloggers n bloggers sits together we Sing song & Tok Kok la! what else! lol!!!

All of us arrived at the cinema at around 9:15pm. There, I met Suanie, FA, KY, Jeff Ooi, SplashMilk, Tim, Earl, Shiryen, Kidchan, Smashpop, Vicky, Shaolin Tiger, Kimberlycun, Simon. flsam and a whole lot more bloggers!!! So many bloggers there that nite, if something bad happened to that building that night .... I think not much Malaysian blogs to read anymore after that lol!

Gwai low Pirate

I would like to congratulate Tim & his teamates for a job well done!!

Tim doing the impression of the nuffnang logo lol (pic taken from Kenny Ng)

I very likey the movie! So long noone blanja me watch movie ledi! I so touched!!! Tenkiu!!!

OMFG!!! Designer Vagina is the thing now!

I was really speechless when i read this in a news site this morning, so what else is new in this world huh?

Demand for "designer vagina" surgery rising

LONDON - Rising numbers of women are asking the National Health Service to provide cosmetic surgery on their genitals, doctors said on Friday.

Writing in the British Medical Journal, they said the number of "labial reductions" carried out in NHS hospitals had doubled to 800 a year over five years.

"More and more women are said to be troubled by the shape, size or proportions of their vulvas", wrote Lih Mei Liao and Sarah Creighton from London's UCL Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Institute for Women's Health.

Articles in women's magazines about "designer vaginas", the rising popularity of cosmetic surgery and Internet promotion by private health clinics were all fuelling demand.

The authors said women seeking surgery were being influenced by idealised images of genitalia shown in pornography and on private genitoplasty Web sites.

Liao said research was needed into whether surgery was bringing long-term benefits to patients, before the NHS started routinely offering the cosmetic procedure.

I always knew there is a price to be paid if you watched too much porn ... I guessed this it is then!

I wonders when they are gonna come out with a Designer Kukuciao for us men?

24 May 2007

Candy Domdom

The world is changing, now consumers wanna be more pampered. They dont care whether its more expensive or the value they received is not at par with the money they are paying.

If you are a fan of Jabpenis cookies in their cute cute box you will know that the box is actually more expensive than the cookie itself. This is the trend in the world today, consumers put more importance into outlook rather than the content itself.

In other words, its ok to bruff consumer with fancy fancy packaging just as long as they are willing to buy la!

Looks like the condoms industries also know about this and to outsell each other, they beginning to introduce creative packaging into their products.

You can see below, some samples of the condoms packed in the form of lollipops and candies .... almost good enuff to be eaten.

This kinda packaging would defnitely be great as gifts but do we really wanna pay that much for fancy packaging? We consumer are a bunch of suckers arent we? lol!

Bloggers Pigi Movie

Her : Where you going tomlo?
Me : I go watch Pehret of da Kari Bean
Her : What Bean?
Me : Duh nevermind! Tell you also u wont understand one la!

For those who did the post "Why is my rum gone?" Yes Its today, You gonna be rewarded with pop corns, free sodas and free movies of coz.

I m definitely gonna arrive ealier so that I could grab a bite first before the movie starts.

For those who are going to the movie, there are a few things that you need to know prior to the screening :

Now here are a few pointers that you might need to prepare yourself for the screening.

1) It is FREE seating, so come as early as you can and take the opportunity to meet and network with other bloggers there before the movie starts. On our side, we are trying to limit the number of seats we give away instead of maxing out every seat in the cinema, so the front row can be empty and nobody will have to sit too close to the front. As a result of this, there is a growing waiting list of Nuffnangers who are still hoping to get a ticket but believe us when we say that we are doing our best to accommodate everyone.

2) Remember to leave enough time to not just collect your tickets upon registration but also for you to claim the Regular Popcorn and Drink Set sponsored by Exabytes.

3) You can take pictures and camwhore as much as you want outside the cinema but please DO NOT take ANY pictures of even bring out your camera once inside the Cinema Hall. The nice people at Cathay have been nothing but helpful in the planning of this event, so lets try to make things easy for them ok?

Source : Nuffnang's blog
Oh! I heard my frend Ahlee-Brabra is gonna bring along his genie to the movie! No shit no bruff you wan! I show u the pikture of his Genie!

Tim the Great Genie!

See see? no bruff you rite?! Where else u can get free popcorn & Sodas & movie plus you get to meet a Genie??!!! Mana mau cari??!!!

See you there!

23 May 2007

Ahbeng The Sciencetist Wannabe

Ahbeng applied for the post of a junior scientist and during the interview he was asked to perform a study on how frogs reacts to commands under different circumstances.

So, Ahbeng place a frog on the floor and tell the frog to jump. The frog jumps 20 feet ... so Ahbeng fast fast rekod down in his log book

"under normal ciscumstances frog jumps 20 feet"

Ahbeng than cut off one of the frog's leg, place him on the floor and said "jump!". This time the frog jumped a distance of 17 feet. Then Ahbeng wrote in his log book

"cut off one leg frog jumps 17 feet"

He then cuts off another leg and asked the frog to jump again, with 2 legs left the frog still manage to jump a distance of 13 feet. Ahbeng write into his log book

"2 legged frog can jump 13 feet"

Ahbeng then cut off another of the frog's leg, leaving the frog with only 1 leg. The frog were placed on the floor and Ahbeng said "Jump!" and this time the frog managed to jump a distance of 3 feet only. Ahbeng fast fast rekod in his logbook

"1 legged from still can jump 3 feet"

Finally Ahbeng chopped off the frog's last and remaining leg, place the frog on the floor and said "JUMP!" several times and yet the frog will wont more an inch. After several attemtps Ahbeng gave up. Ahbeng goan rekod down into his log book lidis :

"If you cut off 4 of the frog's legs it will go DEAF wan!"

22 May 2007

Short Trip to Singapore

Altho we are just being seprated by a river but driving in singapore itself is a refreshing experience.

Nice comfy roads and clean enviroments, no sudden overtaking everything is just so right about this place.

They got nice clean and spacious shopping complexes everywhere and you dont hafta goto the center of the city to do your shopping.

Their bank officers are the most professional I met so far. No counter for you to wait in and you get to talk face to face, one to one with the officer! no nid Q up take number wan!

And of coz the fehmes landmark of Singapore, the HDB flats in the background.

New, clean and striking taxis unlike the one we got here ... hey they even give printed receipts too! Not to mention they do accept credit cards also.

I was suprised that such an old car like VW bettle still exist in Singapore and in such a good condition still!

This is how you display parking ticket in Singapore, yes you gotta pay parking fees even if you are parking at your own home.

And that concludes my one day tour of Singapore, the country is nice but the driving is killing me old bones!

Making out in TAR Yum Yum Park

I was being told this joke a few days ago by a supplier of mine, it happened during his college days and he studied in TAR Setapak campus.

There is this nice park call "yum yum park" in that campus and lotsa couples go there to paktor. I derno why its called yum yum park or perhaps it does have a meaning by its own but what i do know is when the sun goes down there will be lotsa activities happening at that park itself.

What are they doing there? Aiyah still wanna ask sommo meh? College students making out la! Dew!

Then there is this greenhorn frend of my supplier, lets call him Ahbeng for the sake of this story, He was dating a girl (Ahlian) and one day this girl asked him to go to the yum yum park on that late evening.

Ahbeng dem steady lidat, acting all gentleman before the sun goes down but once the sun dissapeared and when the day turned into a dark nite .... Ahbeng turned into a Kalerwolf!!

So they were busy making out and got leehly leehly high then Ahlian whispered into Ahbeng's ear :

Ahlian : Larling I want you to eat me!

Ahbeng without further delay fast fast do as he told la! After Ahbeng got as it for around 5 minutes or so Ahlian blurted out :

Ahlian : Oh Ahbeng ... I wished we had a flashlight

Ahbeng stopped what hes doing and asked back :

Ahbeng : Torchlight? Why need torchlight?
Ahlian : Aiya! so you could see what you has been doing ler! You been muching on the grass for the last 5 minutes leh!

So now you know why they called it Yum-yum park huh? bcoz thats the place where the grass is yummy!!!

20 May 2007

Bukit Tinggi, Colmar Tropicale French Themed Resort

Warning : Photopost! Freaking Lotsa Photos!!! 56k dialup killa!

Went to Bukit Tinggi French Themed Resort few weeks back with my parents, took lotsa photos and these are some of it.

Colmar Tropicale, RM16 entrance fees per pax

Someone told me those rooms upstairs is actually hotels

Dem got this French feel, its cooling too especially in the morning ... sebijik like pigi Europe ledi!

Feels like in Belgium mia square lidat

Raise the bridge!!!

LA FLAMME - The sign of FOOD!!

Clock tower which they dun allow u to go up wan lol

The sky is blue, very blue

Geese, I m suprised noone catch it and kasi make roast duck lol

Bottom view of the bridge

Black geese with curly feather, you think their meat got dark anot?

Entrace to the village.

Pigeon looking for food

Cotton like clouds formations

Lemon Crepe

Kofi + Sandwich made by mum. Strange place indeed bcoz if u order kopi only they will charge u RM8 but if you order their set which consist of kopi and lemon crepe (pic above) also they charge u RM8 .... =.=""

errr ...

Dance Troop performing

One of the many French themed rest in Colmar Tropicale

This is actually the window to one of the hotel room

View from the tower


Sidewalk cafe

Free transport to Japs Garden

Hillside shot

Japs Garden Welokam sign

Japs Rose

Derno what fawer

Setelobeli (the oni setelobeli i could find in the whole blardee setelobeli farm)

Botanical Garden/forest

Entrance to Not enuff Zen mia Zen garden

Abit Zen mia Jabpenis Zen garden

AH! This one got enuff Zen mia jabpenis Zen garden!

Looks like lumah kampung mia Zen garden

Tatami suite - i heard its RM2,000 a nite! who wanna stay in the middle of no where for 2k??!!

Flags but where is Msia mia?

Stingy peeple drink ise water - RM2

Stingy peeple eats Cheapest food - Pizza RM28

Lehbit farm entrance RM3

One fat juicy lehbit ... good if bbq!

I feel like this donkey after Our trip ... lol

Erm ... its actually not very worth it kambing to this place but since my folks wanna go ... kenot kira so much lar rite?