30 May 2007

Fortune Teller from China

I was at mines a few days ago for lunch, my primary objective is to do some banking stuffs and after i got it done its alredi lunch time ... so i thot might as well makan first before go bek to opis.

Being the stingy basket that I am (what to do? mch! dem susah mau cari makan nowadays you know? Not only rumah bocor .. my pocket also bocor every month!) I go makan at their Spices of Malaysia food court la.

Ok la the food in that food court is not really cheap la not to mention the taste is like kns but still this is the only place i can afford ... beggars cant be choosers .. hantam sajer!!!

Then i order wantan mee from the counter (which dont taste like wantan mee), it cost me RM5+ for a small wantan mee. I paid for my yucky food and get a table to myself. (yea i eats alone ... i got a pathetic life ... i got no frend ... will u be my frend? pulezzzzz? will you? will you?)

This is where i sits and eats (alone) .... when i took my first bite suddenly a man in his 50 appeared from nowhere asking me if he could sit down in mandarin, skali i hear his mandarin slang i know this fler is China (Biao Ger) mali mia.

He took a seat and begin toking to me in Mandarin .... as my mandarin is half pail water or perhaps hes really speaking farkingly soft I cant hear wtf hes trying to say also, so i told him i cant hear him and I m not interested.

Biao Ger : Boss I see you "Pig round Skin Smooth/ G Yuen Yoke Yoon" but this year you abit black ..... I give you a spesel package fortune telling ... I help u kautim all your problems want anot? (in mandarin la)
Me : Dunwan ... not interested ... dun disturb me having my lunch. (in my half pail full mandarin)
Biao Ger : But I can really help you! I come from so far away and yet we can meet here, its some kinda fate ... I m destined to help you.
Me : No money .... I dun really understand your mandarin ... go away.
Biao Ger : I dont charge you much! if you think i not chun then you no nid to pay me! Come try me!
Me : You sure you really know how to tell the future?
Biao Ger : SURE! if I m not accurate then you no nid pay me anything!
Me : I think you are a big liar! ..... If you really can tell the future, then how come you derno that I am gonna weck 9 the daylight outta you if you keep disturbing me from taking my lunch ?

*Biao Ger Get up and leave*

I thot in China only got Biao Ger conmen ... mana tau they invading Malaysia ledi! Lemme tell u how they con 9 u ...

1st 1st they tell u that u will be farking sucksesfool in the future but the are obstacles u kena kautim first before u can be farkingly Lich. Then they tell u they wanna go your house and see your fengsui ... after looking at your house they will tell you your house fengsui kanasai then asked u to give them 50k to do something about it.

After which they will ask u to bring them to your parents houz ... from there they gonna slaughter you again ... finally they will get you to bring them to your ancestors mia grave and then they will tell u some grandfader stories and con 9 lu again!

Now that i blogged about it ... be careful if got Biao Ger approaching you offering to tell you your future ok? They cant even tell their own future .... what else yours?


  1. Wingz, no ask the Biao Ger to belanja u makan first?? Hahaha..

  2. wah liao... so kua zheong one ah, i also dunno de wor haha. now i know... dun trust these kinda konmen. if i wanna find fortune teller i rather go look for the qualified ones with at knowledge at ba zhi or i-ching.

  3. ok, thanks for the tips. anyway, here is another tips.

    according to my grandma, nowadays mya ancestor grave all no fengshui one. cause the mountain and sea and everything surrounding the graveyard all commercialized ledi one. the mountains got flatten lah, the graves all being lined up like terrace houses lah, this lah that lah. reall feng shui must comes from the natural built of the geographgical area.

    but i think there's other school of thought lah like you can renovate your surrounding to get the good qi.

  4. wingz u give me money i be yr fren!
    and btw
    i wanna know will i b marrying a gazillionaire
    u know anot? tell me!

  5. I don't believe in all this future telling crap. I remember reading an article that says there are many things that most people had or will experience in their life. These conmen are just manipulating them. Don't be fooled and don't even bother asking them for fun.

  6. hahahahha lidat oso can!!!

  7. U don bruff!! U sure ur mandarin half pail water meh? Not full pail ah?

  8. My mandarin worst than you - 1/4 pail only. At least you got 1/2 pail. LOL. Nowadays, lots of this kind of ppl from China. Few days ago my hubby also kena but thru his hp. A lady called him and he got so fed-up. First time, he tell her off nicely. Then, later she called again and this time kena kau kau from my hubby coz he were in the midst of doing some paper work.

  9. wah..half pail aso can understand so many sentence?! ur pail must b very big.

    BTW, thanks for the advice.

    *Long time no go Mines ard, duno food court renovate ard tim.


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