25 May 2007

OMFG!!! Designer Vagina is the thing now!

I was really speechless when i read this in a news site this morning, so what else is new in this world huh?

Demand for "designer vagina" surgery rising

LONDON - Rising numbers of women are asking the National Health Service to provide cosmetic surgery on their genitals, doctors said on Friday.

Writing in the British Medical Journal, they said the number of "labial reductions" carried out in NHS hospitals had doubled to 800 a year over five years.

"More and more women are said to be troubled by the shape, size or proportions of their vulvas", wrote Lih Mei Liao and Sarah Creighton from London's UCL Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Institute for Women's Health.

Articles in women's magazines about "designer vaginas", the rising popularity of cosmetic surgery and Internet promotion by private health clinics were all fuelling demand.

The authors said women seeking surgery were being influenced by idealised images of genitalia shown in pornography and on private genitoplasty Web sites.

Liao said research was needed into whether surgery was bringing long-term benefits to patients, before the NHS started routinely offering the cosmetic procedure.

I always knew there is a price to be paid if you watched too much porn ... I guessed this it is then!

I wonders when they are gonna come out with a Designer Kukuciao for us men?


  1. Next thing you know branded vaginas, like Vagina by Gucci or Chanel and smell like Chanel too and kukuchiow by Armani or by Honda with variable piston timing :P Cheers!

  2. Wingz, are you gonna be the first to get the designer kukuciao? :P

    What brand would it be?

  3. wads the difference? virgin feel everytime?

  4. enjoyed tht nyt!!! tks!

  5. haha, this is so weird, very soon the whole human body will be made up of plastic.


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