30 May 2007

Now Everyone Can erm ..... You Read and Decide la!

First we have "Now, Everyone can fly" then now we have this new hype in town, Tunehotel.com!

From as low as RM9.99 (we heard this many many many times befoh havent we?) you can get a room for a night! Now everyone can Phuack sleep?

Now all the China's maid got a place to stay ledi!!! Wuahahahaha!!!

This shud be one piece of good news for Linpeh and his legions of Piao Meis also!!! Their operation cost is now alot lower, hence higher profits!!! kakakakaka!!!

But dont be so happy yet ok? Why? Because other stuffs are not included wan! Like what? Like ...

Aircond is not included

All our rooms are equipped with a ceiling fan. If you wish to enjoy cool air-conditioner breeze, we provide it as an affordable add-on feature: 5 hours@RM4.99 and 12 hours@RM9.99.

Toiletries also not included

Tune in to your ‘senses’ with our cute toiletries kit:
(1) Senses mini kit (conditioning shampoo and 2 soaps @ RM1.99)
(2) Senses deluxe kit (conditioning shampoo, bath gel, 2 soaps, tooth paste, tooth brush, shower caps, sanitary bag and cotton buds @ RM4.99).

Towels also not included!

Forgot to pack one from home? No worries! A range of affordable towels are available at our convenience store, starting from the basic range @ RM9.99++ to superior range @ RM14.99++

Just make sure u bring your own towel or if not you goan buy the towel first before u turn on that tap to shower ... if not u kena walk naked go down n buy towel lol!

Blekfast lagi not included la!

What better way to start your day than with our RM2.99 Breakfast Set. Enjoy a hot cup of aromatic white coffee with a slice of delicious kaya toast. Simply add-on this delicious option when you book online.


But its u count count properly .... its still cheap lar even after u added all that optional items up, IF you managed to get a room at RM9.99 la! I tried to book a room just now and it cost me RM43.99 .

Its also centrally located with easy access via public transportations. Their Location? Go to their website and look at the map ler!

I very teh like the wat they painted the building la!

How? Chun anot?


  1. 1ST KAH?
    so now everybody can afford to go hotel
    noneed so san fu in the car or whatever place lol

  2. Next time everything also cheap here and there... wonder they got cheap "service" or not? hehe

  3. y did u goan book the room???? yuen loi linpeh mia piao meis are urs!! kakaka

  4. got Ghost anot, I scared wor -__-'

  5. good for those who needed it urgently to use only for few hours lor. Or maybe for ppl like me, no $$$ stay in expensive hotel so, got to stay in this type punya hotel lor. Next time, you can book for me moh?

  6. how much per hour?? :P

  7. The building can fly wan onot?

  8. aiya..book it la..those optional items bring ownself lo..

  9. i heard that place haunted =D

  10. Wingz: U so fast go and try oledi. Same concept as Air Asia, anything extra got to pay. Toilet tissue got to pay extra or not.

  11. check betul2 whether got NO OUTSIDE FOOD, DRINKS, TOILETERIES, PILLOWS, etc etc etc. POLICIES onot??... If got then jialat liao... Hehehe...

    Anyway the hotel is very near to my house... Hahahaha...

  12. wakakaka.. why suddenly wan to try ?? try with kkp ar ??

  13. WOI ! This building last time HOSPITAL LA ! Dunno how many peeple died there already. You still dare to stay there ah ? :-(

  14. Hi,
    came across your blog from nuffnagg. WOW .... hahahaha very funny :P

    And damn it, this hotel, looks like AirAsia :p

    hahahahaha :D

  15. U get what u paid for :P

  16. That building is formally a hospital...Imagine when you get services.....

  17. the car park quite mahal 1 rite? noticed tat while passin thru. macam per hour rate.

    used to b a hospital? o_o scary neh

  18. belle : in car more cheekik ma!

    danielctw : cheap serbis all the while also got one la! but old old one la! u ngam anot?! lol

    huei : I where got book room???!!! the room book me wan!

    vad3r : err ... hehe that one u kena find out yourself ler

    erinalaw : use for a few hours? do what jek? lol

    clement : niahmeeehhh ... whole day baru RM9.99 ... one hour = RM0.40 la!! lidat also derno how to count meh?

    ckyeo : according to your sifu ... the building memang can fly wan!

    jenkin : u book ledi mei?

    the blogist : serious??? who tell u wan?

    flsam : I think water also kena pay extra! half way mandi they cut water lol!

    godr@ug : hahaha no guah! as if they got the equipment to check whether u got bawak all those stuffs anot laaa?

    janicepa : tunggu u pancit 1st then i bring u go la!!! lol

    linpeh : wuah hospital ka? lidis can ask for 4D wei! or then can sell itu amulet also .. in vending machines lol

    lionel : memang pun Air Asia mia boss mia wat?

    chee hsien : plus something extras too lol

    chris : hahahaha .... i just cancelled my booking!!! ;oP

    alvin : not free parking one gah? wuahhh I thot stay there can get free parking tim!

  19. wah previously is hospital, dunno is 'clean' or not also, probably will turn into some unhealthy gathering place.

  20. i think the 9.99 room they put u in the former bilik mayat :P

  21. now everybody can Open Room!!!


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