1 June 2007

Ahbeng & Ahlian in Old Folks Home

Before I goto the story, lemme tell you this ... Its teh true! the older u get the more forgetful you will bekam. I m the living prove! My frend asked me to make a payment on her behalf but instead of paying it directly after i got home ... I goan took a nap and by the time i wakeup i forgot what is the password ledi.

Ahbeng & Ahlian has been living in this old folks home for the past few years ledi, both of them are well known as the ideal couple in the home. Sommo this Ahbeng also arm luenED sama itu Ahlian long long but Ahbeng no balls to tell her all the while.

Then one day the old folks home got throw a birthday party for one of their member and after getting high over a few cans of beers Ahbeng finally gathered enuff courage to ask Ahlian :

Ahbeng : Ahlian Lu want marry me boh?
Ahlian : Oh Ahbeng~~~ I thot you would never ask! Yes!! I marry lu!!!

They both dem happy lar ... so they continue to get high (soli no sex after that bcoz both also menopausED ledi ... so no sex involve one hor~!)

After the party Ahbeng sent Ahlian back to her room and Ahbeng then go back to his own room also.

Tomlo morning Ahbeng wakeup ledi trying to recall did Ahlian said "yes" or "no" to his wedding proposal ... he think think think still kenot remember so Ahbeng picked up the phone to call Ahlian la.

Ahbeng : Allo!! Ahlian ar?
Ahlian : Ahlian here! Hamisu Ahbeng?
Ahbeng : Err .. Ahlian arr ... you remembered yesday I got proposed to you at the party rite? .... did you said yes or no?
Ahlian : OH!!! I said YES!! I SAID YES!!!
Ahbeng : YAHOOO!!!!
Ahlian : Ahbeng ... you have no idea how glad I m that you called ...
Ahbeng : Why ar?
Ahlian : Because I can remember I said yes to a wedding proposal but I forgot who asked me to marry him ledi!


  1. i am amazed at how you can churn out this jokes daily..damn good laugh la..you got a secret source of jokes 1 ar?..some database?

  2. wah..really forgetful hor.

    But good memory aso coz still can remember each other name and phone #.

    Wingz, before u bcome like dat, make sure u tell me ur Maybank account number and PIN.

  3. luckily hor she is old and cannot pregnant liau. Ah boh, if get pregnant hor and cannot remember who she had sleep with mah susah lor. Woi!!! How come everyday also u have lots of jokes to share har? Have a nice weekend

  4. this ahbeng and ahlian trend is spreading.. slowly I also kena influenced

  5. LOL? funny stuff... hahaha more jokes !!

  6. Haha... gone case la both of them.

  7. agree! gone case lol! die lor..old d like tht how ar?!

  8. hi dear ;
    that is a gud joke can't stop laughing. weldone

    pearly just drop in to kei pohxxx

  9. Haha, lame...but lame jokes I do appreciate :P


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