15 June 2007

Booming IT industries In India and this is why!

I was having this conversation with SK yesday about him being in Mumbai and Bombay for a few month ledi, asking him how is the actual Mumbai/Bombay compares to the one i heard all the while.

Me : Eh U been travelling in and outta India this few month ... stay Mumbai so long wont die one ka? I heard the crime rate very high and there is no law one wor!
SK : No la! Petty crime is low, only organised crimes are high! They like to extorts Businessman, actors, and rich rich peeple wan.
Me : Hows their youth? I mean their mentality n all?
SK : Suprisingly their youth's social political awareness is high, they are knowledgeable, argumentative and they like to debate.
Me : How is their IT knowledge as compares to us?
SK : haha, a lot better.
SK : oh yes, they are very passionate about technology
SK : i mean those IT fella, they are very creative, very indeed! For example ... like my customer, as they have huge volume of data and they can't afford to wait (impatient i guess), they will find all ways to tweak it they are resource conscious too!

I put together all the data collected from my conversation with SK and this is the exact image that matches my thots.

[Via : ahboon.net]

If you derno whats that bicycle looking paddle is for ... its a dynamo when you cycle it will turn and therefore creates electricity.

Human Powered Notebook with WIFI!!! Truly a Green PC! Hes so creative, no wonder he can win the Employee of the month award la!


  1. if forget to save and pedal, ur works will gone like that. :(


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