12 June 2007

One Ringgit!

I evolvED .... I evolved from a midnite blogger to a lunchtime blogger edi!!! Now i m chewing on my drumstick while typing this with my oily hands ..... the price to pay to be able to put food on the table for the family. Its easier to "Cut & Paste Poem" and dedicate it to someone important!

That day I go up north with Linpeh to Ipoh to eat Taugeh chicken lice, then on the way kambing back to KL he suddenly shouted ...

Linpeh : OI!!! STOPPTHE CAR!!!
Me : What??!!
Linpeh : STOP THE CAR!!!
Me : HERE? In the middle of nowhere? you crazy??!!! no way!
Linpeh : Stop the car or i will shit in your car!
Me : MCH!!! ok ok I stop!!! I stop!!! Stop where ?
Linpeh : There! u see the bush there?
Me : Ok ok now get the outta my car and go shit in the bush!

Linpeh jumped outta my car and run as fast as he could into the bush while i stay in the car and wait for him to finish his business ....

A few minits later my phone ring ... I see see its Linpeh.

Me : Halo! You shit that time need to chat with someone only can come out izzit?
Linpeh : Oi! Your car got tissue paper anot?
Me : Tarak! Sand paper u ngam anot?
Linpeh : Mahai dun play!!
Me : Really tarak wan leh! In my boot there really got sand paper wan!
Linpeh : Diu la! no tisue how to wipe?
Me : Err ... use leaves la!!!
Linpeh : Mch! no leaves on the ground la! if wanna use leave kea climb tree naked ledi! Lu siao ar??!!
Me : Aiyaks! lidat ... lidat ... ermm
Linpeh : Diu! Faster help me think la!
Me : OH!! use money!!! you got one ringgit anot?
Linpeh : Got! Then?
Me : Use it to wipe la!
Linpeh : Use one ringgit to wipe?? U sure can anot??!!!
Me : Can la!!! last time my relative also done something lidis before geh! trust me!
Linpeh : MCH! if you bruff me then u die!

Few minutes later I can see Linpeh emerges from the bush ... something dont seems very right, the way hes walking is somehow wrong .... so i got down of the car and asked him ...

Me : Oi your shit too hard your asshole koyakED izzit?
Linpeh : No lah! this time my shit soft soft sticky sticky one! got undigested taugeh sommo!
Me : Then why u walk lidat wan??
Linpeh : Niahma! all thanks to you la!
Me : Why me?
Linpeh : You asked me to use one Ringgit to wipe my ass lar diu!
Me : Yar ... dint that do the trick? If one ringgit not enuff then u use 2 ringgit la!
Linpeh : Mahai!!! 2 Ringgit??!! I where got so much coins??!!!


  1. HAHAHHHHAHA linpeh, koyak lu yr bottom.

  2. am i the 1st?
    MCH~ i having my lunch when i read this!!!

  3. mxng were having lunch when reading this and I am damn hungry while reading this but now full liau. Y? Laugh so much, macam mana tarak full leh. hahaha......... must show my hubby this one. He read your blog but never leave comment only. hahaha...... still laughing

  4. kkakakak coins to scrape his ass?

  5. bwuahahahaha... now got 1 ringgit paper dy mah .. no more coins.. why ??

  6. CCB, I feel like want to vomit la.

    If I'm the driver, I'll make sure he takes taxi instead of my car.

  7. Diu Nia Sing ! Lin Peh where got use coin? Lin Peh use RM10 but cannot get back change only la ! Niasing!

  8. I think Linpeh left a few 20 cent coins in his ass, that's why walking weird.

  9. woo linpeh use how many 1cent coins ar? ho ho ho

  10. Lol..the coins termasuk the arsehole izzit?

  11. LOl this one i laughed hard!
    can hardly imagine!!!!!!!!
    one word


  12. That is why u must have some toilet papper in ur car. I got 2 roll in mine, as last time have to use leave. Actually this is my first entry in my blog.Have a nice day.

  13. MCH .... laugh until star-mak aik. u really never fail to amaze us with your jokes la!!!

  14. haha very funny. but y ur car dun have tissue one ar..

  15. sasha : linpeh koyak bottom u so happy laa!!

    mxng : eating lunch? adding extra taste to your lunch ma!

    erina : ask ur habi blog also la!

    huei : eh .. u done that b4 also har?

    janicepa : no RM1 coins but can use 5 x 20sen coins one ma!

    sk : wuah want so cruel meh?!! how to get taxi in the middle of the highway?

    Linpeh : take back RM10 n wash la! no nid change wan!

    10thmarch : haha that u kena chack with linpeh la!

    daniel : 1 cent coins? 100 pcs wor! .. koyak la lidat!

    kukujiaoman : hahaha u got wild imaginations la!

    belle : eh if u kenot imagine then how come u luff so hard wan geh?

    horny : angmoh also use leaves??!! kakaka

    kar : tenkiu tenkiu!!!

    amanda : guy car ma! tarak tisu wan! macho ma! lol

  16. wah gone case ah lin pehs ass.

    i think ive read it in some muslim book *my friends textbook* that the olden day arabians use stones to wipe if they cant find leaves... that would be worse than coins man haha

  17. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! kesian si linpeh! hahah

  18. should use rm5 mah..the paper waterproof..can use and re use...


    Did your car smell of shit after that? Btw, I was thinking why cannot use undies one ahhh...If he didnt wear any, loan him yours lah.. kanasai!!


    *thumbs up*


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