3 June 2007

Nokia Communicator 9300

I see my ladyboss bought a new Dopod C800 ledi i dem bohsong sama her! I also want one!!!

Then I found a used Nokia 9300 going cheap at my frend mia phone shop in Mines wonderland last Friday nite. I always wanted a personal fax machine and I been eyeing on the E9o but at that kinda price .... I might as well get a new notebook computer instead of just a small screen handphone!

But i managed to get a decent used unit of Nokia communicator 9300 for just RM600! (New unit were being sold at RM1,180 at the time of purchase)

Been using it for 2 days edi ... so far so good tho .. the processing power is abit like the N73 ... quite sluggish but features n function wise quite impressive.

Came with lotsa softwares and alot more freewares available for free download all over the net. Most impressive feature is the built in fax, you can receive and send fax with this Nokia communicator 9300 without the need to go thru a notebook or desktop computers. That means you can receive or send a fax anytime, anywhere! (Please make sure you got your fax and data line activated by your telco before you try this feature.)

And thanks to its responsive QWERTY keyboard, replying emails and sending sms couldnt be anymore easier! I have 5 pdas and never before i can input texts as fast as this wan! BEST!!

Nagivation is a breeze with its built in 5 ways mouse like joystick, the TFT display is really sharp and easy on eyes too. The hinges are really solid and well built ... unlike others hinged phone i used before.

I got Msn messenger, Yahoo!, emails, 2 browsers, organiserz, scheduler plus tons of others programs in my Nokia 9300 those that I need on a daily basis to be truly mobile witout the need of lugging my 3 kilos Dell notebook with me all the time!

Of course nothing is perfect so is this Nokia Communicator 9300, this phone is not a camphone ... meaning it does not have an onboard camera, not even a paria one! so for those who loves to camwhore, this is not the phone for you. This model 9300 also does not comes with wifi but fortunately its an EDGE phone and as i do have access to unlimited EDGE package then it does not pose a problem for me also.

Another thing will be the processor ... this would be a fantastic phone if the processor can actually catch up with all the processing thats happening in the background rather than to make the whole phone hanged for a whole minutes.

The "phone" side of the Communicator 9300 is actually "not very useful" they are limited menu you can access from the phone panel and the keys are sluggish, response are slow not to mention its also ugly lol!

If money is not an object ... then prolly you shud go for E90 better anot I derno la but at least its newer mah!

But for RM600 ... i really shouldnt complain that much la hahahaha!!! I know I know .. ima blardee cheapskate!!! Who ask me not as rich as ladyboss la??!!! DIU!!!


  1. Wingz Kor Kor ... super good deal you got there ... got anymore to spare ah?

  2. wah, got nokia 9300 wor...

    but uhh for me i don't like lor... kinda bulky, knt put inside pocket also lol.

    rm600 ok lar... wad u expect... XD

  3. Hi Wingz, I don't know if it is possible but I would like to welcome you to a Penang's Bloggers' Gathering. :) You can check the info here.


  4. Now is my turn to bohsong sama lu liau. I damn envy u liau.

  5. Woi! Got 5 PDAs! Give me one to play play lah! Rabbit also want to be IN mah.

  6. Damn bulky lar. I used to owned one many years ago and I still have it. Not too bad. But I will rather buy a new notebook @ 1.5k FreeDos.
    But for RM600, ok lah.

  7. wah piang... cipet....


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