6 June 2007

Kissing Competition ... come and learn new style!

If you think you know all about kissing ... think again! You might not know as much as you thot u do!

But neber fear la! Expert is here! ... learn from them! (piktures below)

"A kiss competition between young lovers held in a shopping mall in Beijing to celebrate China's Valentine's. " [Link]

Playing Corpse Kiss : The girl like pengsan edi and the guy giving her cpr

Titanik Kiss : Rose I lafu yew!!! Call me Jack pls! not Ahbeng

Mabuk Kiss : This is when she mabukED ledi and she cant walk and u gotta carry her home .. then u see she was about to pukes and u thot u dun wanna let the beer goto waste ... u decided to take then straight from her mouth!!! omg ... i cant belif i just said that ...

Cramped Legs Kiss : This one if your gf mia legs cramped ledi .. then u kena kiss lidis one!

Kungfu Kiss : U see the guy got stance one anot? that one is Kungfu Berus Lee stance la!

Scissors Legs kiss : as demostrated by contestant no 76 ... this stance very the dangerous ... skali not performed properly ... not only the guys mia back will suffer ... if the girl boh song with the guy ... she can chop off his head with her legs also!

You are too heavy kiss : This uncle kenot sustain the weight of the aunty la!!! kakakakaa The uncle mia spender also come out ledi! got see anot?!! This time really FULAT!!!

Ganas Kiss : This piao mei dem ganas! Cekik the fler till lidat lol Maybe shes telling him "If you dont gimme orgasm thru this kiss ... i m gonna strangle u to death!" kakakaka!

Golek Golek kiss : this one also one of the ganas style ... hmmm ... somehow this golek golek kiss reminded me of a lehbit i know lol!

This is the ultimate kiss of them all!!!

Standing kissing and digging kiss!!! with one leg up his shoulder .. that will makes his digging job easier mah!!! kakakaka!!!

OK! I decided!! next year I m gonna participate in this contest!!! Who wanna be my TKL [Tah-K-Lun] partner?!!! Apply within ok?!! Female only hor! Under 30 yrs old pulez!

Mehnee tenkiu to taikor Ahnel for these lovely piktures!


  1. Yes! Lehbit like golek golek one! Like that ganas meh? No ganas lah! Very the lovey dovey mah! Free sweep floor samo. =P

    *runs to practise golek golek again*

  2. cocka can supply some gals for u...

    *cal him*

    heard tat bullehland maybe orkanise tis event tis end of year coz its Visit Malaisia 2007


  3. Lehbit kena put on table by wingz lol...

    This is the very first i saw ppl kiss like this. I think some of them is very good to gam fei like cramp leg kiss or you are too heavy kiss :P

  4. hahaha this is freaking funny wei!!!

    Yea, put your leg on my shoulder, honey!!!!!


  5. Aiya bradder u organise blogger meets. Now u can organise blogger kissing meet lor. Sure full house wan. :)

  6. wingz kor kor .. u kiss using which type of stylo mylo?

  7. the karma sutra of kissing... i wish i can use them... how about the act of kissing itself? is that an art... frenching... just peck... etc

  8. Waulaueh!!!!!!!!!!All this I cannot perform wan if my GF weight 80kg!!!Sure broke my leg, back & goodness know what else!!!

  9. wah so keng kiss until the leg go up high high!


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