27 June 2007

I Started a Joke .. but i dont know its REAL!!!

Note : This post is abit complex ... to be able to understand the whole thing, you kena read it in sequence. Kinda like playing detective lidat, then oni the whole post will be more suspense and you will understand what I m trying to say wan!

Who might have thought that only after a few year this jokes were discovered? What I am toking bout? Well ... read on ...

I was checking up on my stats (yar i dem kiasu la! i everyday check my stats to see if my seo ada jalan ka tarak mia) and suddenly I saw this very new/odd search term/keyword very repeated over a couple of times from Google :

Click on the image to enlarge it

The search term is Adly Ismail, Then i ask myself ... what is that ar? why so many ppl searching for Adly Ismail wan? I got blogged about Adly Ismail before meh?

So i clicked on the keyword and see where it's leading me to :

Eh Malay Mail wor! I was wondering what would Malay mail be toking bout that is related to Adly Ismail .... then I also clicked on Malay Mail mia link which lead me to this :

Click HERE to read the full article la.

Ok .. then back in 9th September 2005 I received an email from Frostier with an attachment of this photo and after I look at it I madeup a story and this POST :

One day got one fler is calling LHDN Trengganu Branch (inkam tax dept la!) his name is ADLY ISMAIL.

This conver took place :

Adly : Boleh mintak tolong hantar aku mia Form B tak ?
LHDN staff : En. Adly boleh kasi kau mia address tak ?
Adly : O.K, just send to Ranhill Worley Sdn Bhd
LHDN staff : How to spell Ranhil?
Adly : "R for Rumah... A for Ayam...N for Nangka...H for Holland...I for Itek...and L for Lain-lain...."
LHDN staff : Ok..we'll send to that address

Skali Adly wait n wait also dint get the letter. 2 month later that letter kena reject back to LHDN. Why ? u goan see for urself lo! the letter kat bawah only.

The best part is .... there is this fler by the nick of "al-adly" dropped a comment at the end of that post saying this :

Ok la brader .. I m not 100% correct la but how weird can it be? I made up a story and its 96% correct??!!!

Conclusion is ... now only I know that not everything i wrote here are craps ... some of it are facts! lol!

who got the physical copy ar? got show the envelope pikture anot ar?


  1. can start psychic business already :X

  2. 4% incorrect I would probably say because of the Address. Do Ranhill Worley have a branch in Kerteh? http://www.ranhill.com.my/contact.asp

  3. i know...all ur ahbeng jokes u toking about urself wan rite?? =P

  4. HingTai! Again, nei duck jor lah!! This joke has been circulating over the net for many months liao!

    I got it over my email 2 times already!

  5. i dun get it. . . does this mean wingz psychic ah? or did wingz get the poor guy's mail by mistake coz his office is called Rumah Ayam N. Holland Itik Lain-lain selling 'chicken' and 'ducks' from Holland? Hmmmmm

  6. hahha, uncle you use batt gua, coins or crystal ball?

  7. ha ha ha
    tan silly....
    your joke oso forget liao kar?

    wai U si-oh liddat?

  8. lol!
    thn i hope no one experience the 1 ringgit wipe butt case

  9. lol..nasib baik this just ranhill case,if others of ur joke is real..big disaster lo such as "ah lian skin surgery" kiss my ass hahah

  10. Uahh.. Rojakz Futures Sdn Bhd. :-)

  11. a^ben : eh kam kam i read your fortune for u! its proven wan!

    zaki : I think the wrong part is in my story the letter were returned to LHDN whereby the real case Adly actually received the mail.

    huei : oi dun chuen pou me can anot?!

    Ahpek : 2 times?!! how come i never get this forwarded to me wannnn?! not fair!!!

    sean : erm .. got option "C" anot? both also wrong ler! lol

    DLG : i use bulus to tilik wan!!! pubic bulus!!! kakakaka!!!

    pisang : brader! I old ledi ler!!! dats why!

    belle : jiaksai lu!!!

    poonky : erm .. u never know, maybe somewhere out there .. someone is actually doing just that! lol

    bernard : wuah i can actually trade future stocks hor??!!! fat dat lor!!!

  12. Maybe you could have read it...and forgot about it for two years...then terketuk kepala somewhere and suddenly got idea based on a real thing...Lawls...


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