20 June 2007

Ahlian skin Surgery

I am suppose to give a talk about blogging today to a group of nice peeple, somehow ... I am not feeling nervous about it ... I wonder why? Maybe i will find out the answer tonite! lol

There is this couple, Ahbeng and Ahlian.... Ahbeng all the while not happy with his mader in law wan becos she see him no up.

Then one day Ahlian got involved in one terrible accident in her workplace where her face kena burn kaw kaw, luckily she was sent to the hospital on time and the doctor still can reconstruct her face but there is this problem ....

Doc : I can reconstruct her face but she is too skinny for me to take any skin from either part of her body ler ... I need a skin donor.
Ahbeng : Doc I give my skin!
Doc : U ka? U also skinny wor!
Ahbeng : But u can use my bekside mah! my bekside got extra skin wan leh!
Doc : hmm ok ok maybe can! come follow me do some test first.

After the test, in the ward with Ahbeng and Ahlian ...

Doc : Ahbeng we ran some test and discovered that your bekside skin is suitable for Ahlian face.
Ahlian : Bekside??? you mean buttock??
Doc : Yes.
Ahlian : Bekside skin out my face??!!! How can lidis??!!!! KENOTTT!!!
Ahbeng : Aiyah!!! u dun luen sui la! U dun tell, I dun tell ... who knows?
Doc : Yes, hospital will treat patients record with full confidential one.
Ahlian : Ahbeng u sure u wont tell?
Ahbeng : I swear! I wont tell!
Ahlian : ok then ... I will go ahead with the operation.

After the operation all their relatives were shocked to see Ahlian more younger and prettier than before ... while Ahbeng suffered for a whole bloody month unable to sit down properly bcoz of his bekside kena cut.

One day Ahlian was alone with Ahbeng, Ahlian poured her heart out to Ahbeng ...

Ahlian : Larling ar ... I know i never tell u this before and I want to tell it to you now ...
Ahbeng : Yes honey? what you wanna tell me leh?
Ahlian : I want to let u know how much i appreciate what u did for me, sacrificing your bekside and unable to sit properly for a month ... I know u did alot for me ledi and I know i owe you alot alot ledi also.
Ahbeng : Honey ar ... dunch worry leh! u no owe me anything also! Everytime I see your mader kiss you on your face, I alredi get all the satisfaction that I need alredi!


  1. kiss my arse~ ha ha

  2. kakkaka so bad!!

    good luck in ur speech!

  3. he is so bad ar...lol

    Giving speech to nice peeple ar?
    Hope u enjoyr ur session with them

  4. Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! I fall down from my chair laughing!! Good story! Have a nice day.

  5. That was a good one.............. fulau!!! speech lagi kah?

  6. Ahbeng: I show u one magic on how I can kiss my own ass!!!!

  7. but.. but...
    wouldn't it be like..
    you know.. when he like.. kiss her, it'd be like............. *ahem*

  8. kiss ass ah... haha apply makeup on ass

  9. No wonder lah, i thought ah beng so hou sam goan offer to donate his butt mia flesh. -_-

    Speech eh? Can i come or not? Ngiahaha!

  10. cis. ini ah beng and ah lian version.

  11. old joke ler..good luck in ur speech!

  12. wah...give speech ah....must be funs lor....wat topic? bloggings tips? i also wan

    Enjoy and have fun!

  13. in the end..ah beng think something creative! hahaha kiss ass

  14. muahahahahahahhahahahaaha!!!! Kiss my ass, muther, kiss my ass!!!

  15. clement : wtf?? u asking who to kiss lar???!!! i dunwan la!! kakakaka

    huei : what good luck? u dunwan come sommo say good luck!!! hmph!

    monk : tenkiu ... i m sure i will enjoy my virgin tok wan lol

    horny : fall down from chair dun sit on your own nuts ok?

    erina : not speech ler .. tok oni

    ckyeo : kakaka kiss own wife = kiss own ass rite?

    DLG : hahaha so he kenot kiss her ledi lor! lol

    danielctw : kakaka apply makeup on ass!! thats a good one!

    lehbit : not speech wor! its a tok!

    sasha : ahbeng and ahlian is my specialty mah! pioneer sommo!

    joe : ahbengfied version ler! tenkiuuuuu for your good lark!

    kaiwah : no no .. not speech ler .. its a tok... a TOK!!! lol

    poonky : ass is cute mah! i likey!!!

    lil'ms stewardess: bend over!!! BEND OVERRR!!!! kakakakaka!!!!


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