3 June 2007

Dutch TV Hoax Kidney Game Show

First we have game show then someone came out with this reality show and now the latest trend is Hoax show!

Come to think of it ... "Niahma!" would make a very good name for the next Hoax show in Malaysia ... imagine this ... by the end of the show after all the contestants kena tipu ledi the host walks up to them and say "Niahma! you all kena bruff ledi la!"

TV kidney competition was a hoax

Picture shows the three candidates in the Big Donor Show that aired on Friday, 01 June 2007, in Aalsmeer.The 'contestants' were all in genuine need of a kidney

A Dutch TV contest that purported to show a dying woman choose a patient to receive her kidneys was a hoax.

The "donor" in the show was in fact an actress - though the three people vying for an organ were real patients in need of a kidney transplant.

The three knew that The Big Donor Show, which aired on Friday, was not real. The producers say it was made to highlight the shortage of Dutch donors.

Before the hoax was revealed, the show had attracted widespread criticism.

"We are not giving away a kidney here, that is going too far even for us," presenter Patrick Lodiers said at the moment when the fake donor was apparently about to reveal her choice of patient.

Ok la .. at the end of the program they admit they bruff wan also ... but does this makes it ok to bruff just to create awareness?

If I bruff 9 all your money just to let you learnt that you should not trust peeple easily that will make it ok ar?

That I'll leave it to you all to decide la!


  1. hmm for me la, i salute their creativity lo. their main aim is to arouse the awareness for the shortage of kidney donors, and i think with all that criticism they will do quite well lor in spite of their negative reviews. they successfully made themselves popular, no?

  2. 1sttt~

    damn them la..no better ideas..just like bachelor and bacheloretta kanasai beh beh sai


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