24 June 2007

This is what happened if your kid watched too much Spiderman

With the recent release of Spiderman 3 and all the billboards showing Spiderman 3 mia movie mushrooming everywhere, this is one of the many changes u can see in our little houz.

We got our own hero!! Introducing The Little Spidey!!!

Little Spidey says : Take this you baddy!!!

Little Wall Crawling Spidey

When its time for bed, Little Spidey said this to me :

Me : Alo! time to go to bed!
Lil Spidey : Ahpah, I wanna wear this to sleep.
Me : Erm .. wont that be a little uncomfy?
Lil Spidey : No, i take off the mask then its ok.
Me : You sure you wanna sleep in that?
Lil Spidey : Yes! I am super Hero!
Me : ok ok ...

* 3o minutes later ....Lil Spidey knocking on the door to my studies ....

Me : Wat ... you still awake?
Lil Spidey : Ahpah ... Hot hot!! Itchy!!! I dunwan wear this!
Me : hahahahaha!!!! go ask your mummy change for you.
Lil Spidey : I dunwan wear this to sleep anymore.
Me : I told you rite? This is not a jami (pyjama) ler.

Yes ... TV and movies really does influence a kid's mind tremendously ... therefore be selective of what you allowed your kids to watch. You dont want him to turn evil and take over the world someday rite?


  1. the suit very popular leh~~~ i seen a lot places selling it~~

  2. lucky they dn make a movie out of sailormoon

  3. aiks?
    since when lil' devil became spidey?

  4. Lucky your boy boy like Spiderman and not Wonder Woman.

  5. i din know now the trend is to hand carpet on wall :P

  6. ur lil devil so farnie la hahaha

  7. I remember years ago when I wanted one, my dad told me that there were spiders crawling around in the suit. Grrrr ...!!

  8. wah.. tht second picture really looks like he is climbing on the wall.. !!

  9. hahahahaa

    dun let ur kids watch superman or buy him the outfit..mmmm

    climb wall ok..fly.. mmm

  10. haha. Cute spider kid

  11. haha. now we know why spiderman didn't wear his suit to sleep. LOL

  12. You really go and buy that suit fo him har? My hubby wanted to buy but I put a stop there.

  13. spiderman...."geng"...when i was small last time, i got wish my parent buy it for me...haha

  14. mahai! wat father u! ask him par on the floor tipu him is wall?!! ajaran sesat ni!

  15. bobo : Cute leh! faster go make one leh!

    poonky : mareysia also got sell?? i bot it in singkapoh wan

    jokeserv : mcb! if got i also wont let my kid watch la!

    pisang : haha that one is his part time job ma!

    nonnie : wonder woman I like la! not my boy like!

    nick : Wall to wall carpeting maa lol

    bleek : farnee leh?! u got make ledi anot?!

    moby : kakaka u kena tipu edi!

    janicepa : terror lehhh!!! he got talent la!

    huei : erm .. anything that got wear spender outside one is banned from my houz!!

    monk : haha cute leh?! his dad lagi cute! KAKAKAKAKAKAKA!

    engrish : kakaka only u can see the relation between this post and the movie huh?

    erina : haiyo! its a guy thingy to be a super hero la!!! takan u want him to be like "Hard Gay" kan? u want him to play with barbie doll har? lol

    pharmalogik : hahaha eh i small that time i also got same wish like u! lol

    belle : mch u dun jeles!! u goan play your barbie doll la!!! or your pink kkc!! kakakaka

  16. hehe.. kids all sama.. my cousin boy also same... beh tahan ar... hehe..


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