13 June 2007

Lady Drivers .... Becareful!

News - Robbery gang preying on women drivers

If u got read newspaper today you will realised that lately got lotsa car hijack case. Those farkers would normally bang 9 the rear of your car and make it looks like an accident lidat then when u get down to inspect the damages they will then come and weck 9 you and hijack your car.

So, the next time someone whacked the rear of your car, dont stop and get down to take a look. Drive on to go nearest police station. Dont let those farkers overtake u! My sis were once chased by farkers lidis when she realised its a trap!

If you are speeding be very certain that you dont panic or else the results could be alot more severe than losing your car.

These farkers work in group of 4 in a car, they targetting expensip cars and women driver are their favourite victim. Yesh .. unfortunately they will be armed and dangerous .... so it pays to be aware of your enviroment and to look into your rear mirror frequently to see if there is any suspicious cars following you.

If there is really no choice ... give them your car! Its only a car and its probably insured right? Always remember these farkers only wanted your car and its not worth risking your life over a blardee car ok?!

Of coz ... sometime even guys drivers are also not spared la!

Niahma! U think they will hijack kancil anot ar? I think kancil driver like me are alot safer la!


  1. oi... why la u take down 'that' post... u scared already ah?

  2. u sure "kancil" drive like u is safe ??

  3. ha? ur sister kena b4?? scaryy

  4. ur sis drive expensive car, but u drive kancil nia?! U believe oh..

    But sometime, no need go Police Station ma. Like my case , his damage just paint scratch, but cause me pay RM 300 (summon), NCB all gone. Not worth ar..

    **Sorry Wingz, borrow ur place to do advertisement :P **

  5. eh ... veery hard to say le .. sumtimes they hijack kancil also ... if they love ur car so much .. then u r in trouble !!!

  6. Rojaks daily also got break for community message. LoL. Good la. All also got!

  7. KNNCCB hijackers. hope they die in accident

  8. Anonymous12:49 am

    nowadays its a bit dangerous for ladies, with all the fuckers out there, robbing and raping.

    Desperate bastard who dont have mothers or sisters do this kinda of shit ass things. Im so upset on the 2 JB incidents...wats the fuck is going on la!

  9. wingz.i copy this post in my blog ya..i linked you too...

    its for my own comment on d event etc la..
    oraits?feel free to go read it.


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