5 June 2007

Linpeh and his Freezing Hands

I derno you all still remember anot but i told you all times and times ledi ... just in case you all dun remember then i will tell lu again ... Linpeh last time go Amadika there wash plate for a few years wan.

Becoz he wanna evade the arrest of immigration officer he goan stay at ulu ulu place, this ulu ulu place always snow wan and Linpeh also no likey snow but no choice also ... he kena stay at ulu place mah!

Then one day Linpeh met Ahlian at Walmart and they begin dating .... the next weekend this Linpeh fast fast inbite Ahlian to come ober to his house for dinner la konon.

Since Ahlian is at his place so instead of using the gas powered heater he act lomantik ... chopping firewood and burn them for heat ... sommo he thot he can show off his machoness by chopping firewood so Ahlian will lum 9 him la!

Mana tau he chop har chop har ... his hand is almost frozen! He fast fast go bek into his house to find Ahlian ..

Linpeh : Ahlian ... you see my hand all almost frozen ledi ler
Ahlian : Aiyo my honeybun ... dont cry doint cry! kam kam put your hands between my legs ... i help lu warm them up ok?

Then Linpeh dem shiok la! after about 20 minits lidat he go out to chop firewood again ... hoping his hands will freeze again and he gets to put them in between Ahlian's legs to warm them up.

Almost 1 hour passed and Linpeh kam back in again looking for Ahlian ...

Linpeh : Ahlian ... you see you see! my hands are frozen again lehh ... how ar?
Ahlian : Orhh sayang ... dont cry dont cry ... come come put them in between my legs ... i kasi warm them up ok?

Linpeh dem happy again la of coz! so he keep repeat this process untill the 5th time ... Linpeh rush into the house looking for Ahlian to komplen about his frozen hands again ...

Linpeh : Ahlian ... you see la! my hand freezing again leh!
Ahlian : Niahma!!! hands freezing! hands freezing!!! Everytime also hands freezing!!!
Linpeh : Abuden?
Ahlian : You know i waited for how long for lu to tell me lu mia ears is freezing anot??!!!


  1. Aiya too deep the jokes , cannot understand *hit my head to wall*

    Y suddenly talk about his ears leh?

  2. hahahhahaha
    linpeh so sohai

  3. LOL. my hands and ears cold eh. how how..

  4. I understand now *after banging at the table*..

    she waiting him for the next move. :P.

    Kasihan lin peh

  5. Wah! Your jokes are getting deeper and deeper liau.

  6. lin peh memang deserve let sky keep!


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