25 June 2007

AHuei the PPP Featured Blogger!

Wuah this morning check my email, skali got one mail from PPP mali wan ... i open see see got this familiar lenglui face innit ...

Wah lan eh its AHuei!!! Rojaks Daily mia resident Ahlian!!! We at Rojaks Daily mery teh happie see our geng bekam fehmes wan!!!

Read more about the article click HERE

In Rojaks Daily ... our Ahbengs and Ahlians are highly recognise wan! Got krass eh!!!

AHuei!!! Lei Duck Jor La!!!!

Who want inbite AHuei gibe tok on PPP? Kontek me ... Ayam teh manager!


  1. Congratulation to Ah Huei! I also saw this e-mail.But very funny wan how cum I still received e-mail from PPP even thought they reject me??? Have a nice day.

  2. Congratulation Ah Huei. So proud of you . Woi!!! Am I also your ahlian flen moh?

  3. *gum dong*


  4. i very proud of u lover! muacksss!

  5. proud of u huei...
    make us blogger to make u as our idol..


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