30 June 2007

If Ahbeng Were Transformers

All these hype about how good how good the Transformers movie is, IS making me tulan! .. i m one of those who cant go watch now bcoz I plomised to go watch with Little Devil, so i kena wait till its not so crowded oni can go.

Then I got this Video clip from Kenny Ng after i asked him whether he wanna go watch transformer anot.

This reminds me of what autobots would looks like if Ahbeng were in control!

I presents to you, Ahbeng Transformers!!!!

And you expect Ahbeng to save the world huh? kakakakakaka!!!


  1. hehehe..what an idiot!

  2. How I wish got time to go watch the movie... sigh...

  3. U r going with your son? Then, come back u can play with him lor. Transformer!!!

  4. Hahahah - so funny !
    Pretty creative at the same time.


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