21 June 2007

Wingz Can Tok!

Yes I can! but whether they understand what I m toking anot ... that i yet to know lol!

Giving a talk is a new experience to me whatmore its a talk about "Blogging" the very sensational and yet sensitive topic of today.

I was actually given 20 minutes to finish my talk and another 10 minutes for Q&A session, unfortunately I took almost 40 minutes to finish blabbling and prolly another 15 minutes of Q&A. Thank god got peeple ask me questions!!! Someone actually know what I am babbling about LOL! ok la gimme the benefit of doubt la ... I m not babling la! I am actually toking ok?! I Talked about Blogging! Terror anot?!!

This is how I imagined whats going on at the talk ....

Oh yes ... apart from the free coffee, tea, kuih and flied lice .... at the end of the talk, I was presented with this!


Would like to thank Nick for the invitation and a chance for me to show koli LOL! I also would like to tenkiu my 2 buddies Dale and Kenny for tagging along helping me with the projector and taking piktures, owe you guys teh tarik ok?

What did I tokED bout? I dun remember ledi la! I hope I really tokED bout blogging! LOL! Did I? If you wanna know then u inbite me to give tok la!

P.S. : Tuan Haji Nordin ... dun forget the jokes you promised to forward me ok?!


  1. i saw rotarty logo from your cert.Is it some kind of rotary club program??

  2. wah so terrerrr..got tok on blogging one ah??

  3. Wah!!! Give talk........... cheh wah!!! You give talk to who leh? Ada certificate lagi.

  4. woooah... i think kennysia also jeles of you already...

  5. terrer la....may be you can start preparing ur notes coz you may have more invitation to talk in the future......

    1st powerpoint...later, can publish e-books

    then we can appoint u as blogging ambassador! wat do u think about this title?

  6. 100% talk wet salty stuff more than speech about blog

  7. wingz kor kor .. got another round of toking or not? me wanna see see what u tok about .... wanna learn blogging from u also...

  8. waa naimah...everlay tokok oso can go on stage arr....belardi terrer la u. tai kor oredi now!!!!

  9. idol giving talk, so gaya leh!!

  10. Last last I kena tok about flood pula... damn sial la.

  11. =.='

    haha, it was a great show. Everything impromptu and spontaneous. Nothing was ready available. But with technology and Kenny around, the matter was solved.

    Maybe another day another topic for Kenny - they called it "FLOOD"

  12. e-way : wuah ur eyes dem sharp hor?

    laundryamah : blogging is the IN thingy now mah! so mai got toks bout blogging lor!

    erina : blogging dem happening wat? must tok la!

    zewt : wuahh ... want put me on table lidat meh? kasi chance ler!

    kaiwah : pubish e-buk??!! blogging Hamba-sedar?? wuah ... just gimma milo and roti kosong enuff edi ler!

    poonky : wuah u know me best la!!!

    kar : haha after yesday i doubt got ppl wanna inbite me go give tok anymore kakakaka!

    couchwerkz : no stage wan! stand on chair oni! lol taikor? niahma i long time no be taikor ledi laaa!

    DLG : idol? Idiot izzit? lol

    Kenny : hahaha u da man!!!

    frostier : impromptu means derno wtf i m toking izzit? spontaneous means not enuff preparation rite? kakakaka!!!

  13. Heng Dai! Nei Duck Jor Lah!!!!!

  14. How much is ur tok?? I am sure very interesting wan.Have a nice weekend.

  15. ahpek : thailau ngai tet hoi la!!!

    horny : we no tok marney wan!!! its my honor to be able to help educate the public about blogs n blogging!

  16. Yan Can Cook. Wingz Can Tok. Geng! Next time i invite you when I need someone to talk abt Blogging. Cert + makan. :)


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