14 June 2007

Ahbeng The Olang Gila

One day Ahbeng were heard making a phone call .....

Ahbeng : Alo!
Mr.B : Halo, Hospital Bahagia ... Can I help you?
Ahbeng : Halo ... can you help me check n see who is in room 67?
Mr.B : Erm ... room 67 will be Mr. Chow
Ahbeng : Yala! I know Chow la! Can you goan see if he is in the room anot?
Mr.B : You mean you wanna tok to Mr Chow izzit?
Ahbeng : No la! I just want you to go and see if he is in room no. 67 anot.
Mr.B : Just see if hes there anot oni? No nid to ask him to come to the phone?
Ahbeng : Yala yala! no nid la!
Mr.B : Ok sir hold on a minit pls.

Few minutes later ....

Mr.B : I m sorry sir ... i looked everywhere in the room but I kenot find Mr Chow Ah Beng!
Ahbeng : Oh good! Confirmed I escape ledi! Tenkiu!!!

*TooTTTTT TooTTTTT TooTTTTTT TooTTTTT * (hang up phone mia tone la!)


  1. lol, he wanna to make sure he confirmed escape or not ...><"

  2. kakakkakakkakkakakkakka -.-

  3. Hahaha............ that Mr B also ngong ngong keh. Woi!!! You really joker lar. And also a person who make everybody days better and happier.

  4. chee ma gan ar ???

  5. That joke made my day man!! Hilarious!!

  6. ahhahahaa mahai!
    be aware of sot ah beng outside there now

  7. ah beng jokes is getting more and more everyday...
    i also kena infected jor... hahahaa

  8. hahahhaha!!

    mr chow damn cute lah!!!

  9. addicted to you blog la Wingz.

  10. Wahahaha...
    My exam stress 50% gone d thanks to this joke!
    Loving Rojaks deep deep~

  11. monk : Tanjung Rambutan Break!!! new hot tv series!

    huei : so happy lar u today?

    kkjman : tenkiu yew!

    erina : U happy, I happy lor!

    janice : What Makan ?

    moby : Glad you like it!

    belle : Kajang got sot ahbeng izzit?

    danielctw : u also caught the ahbeng bugs ar?

    DLG : which MR Chow la? got alotsa Mr Chow one u know?

    jianbing : Wuah u original Ahbing!!! lol u addocted to my blog nebermind ... dun addicted to me hor! lol

    shinji : Wuah lidis kena charge consultation fess ledi la!


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