29 June 2007

When you have uncivilised neighbours

You know, living in Kolumpoh got its own disadvantages ... for instance, most of the peeple do not know their neighbours by name (peeple like me) When i see them in the morning... I just call them "Oi! amacam?" then he will answer "Ok la!" then we carry on with our busy lives.

That one kira frendly neighbour ledi u know? last time i kena one old leli neighbour (not to say i tarak respect senior citizen lar! but at least also must have some common courtesy mah rite anot?) .. shes one dem teruk mia case! her tong sampah and rubbish all put my front gate there! sommo her place mia dead leaves she sapu all to my compound and expect me to clean it for her!

If you think thats bad enuff ... wait wait!!! theres more! her compound she keep clean clean she plant rumput nice nice ... then she goan plant a farking big papaya tree on my side! She also got .... about .... 3,687 cats living with her!!! and they shat (pass tense for shit la!) all over my porch!!!

Mahai if dapat neighbour lidis can die alot faster wan!! I beh tahan her so i moved la! Luckily its all good now la, so kira my effort not wasted.

Buden today i saw this sign when i was driving downtown, the first thing that crossed my mind was that old leli! I should had done this before I move out! Kanneh why i never thot of this before??!!! At least just to make her tulan also i shiok mah! If only i saw this sign board earlier!

What sign board? haha ... see for yourself!

I think this signboard could do wonders to uncivilised neighbours! agree anot?!


  1. interesting.. does anyone flood the place with rubbish yet? is this some reverse psychology thing?

  2. how bout some bloody neighbour who curse my dogs??? >.<

  3. Wah now u can create ur own past tense oledi hor! Shat u! =P

  4. Haf to buy sign board and write summore, I suggest straight pour red paint and hang pig head, fast and easy

  5. lol! huei
    ngam u lar this sign
    i teach u hang
    "kalau kamu kurang asam marahlah saya" no yr baby!

  6. Anonymous1:35 pm

    wat the f**k is wrong with this ppl. should have tear down the sign la. kurang ajar meh...

  7. shit lo my neighbor more worst purposely park his car very very near in front of gate my house get (so he can park 3 cars lo) ...So i plant big papaya tree wish there.. ^^

  8. clement : I think prolly he got sick of ppl trashing his place ledi la!

    huei : If he curse 9 ur dog u bikin molokov cocktail throw 9 his houz la!

    lehbit : Shat u too!!!

    ckyeo : hang pig head? pig head expensive la!!! use chicken feather and duck blood enuff la!

    belle : =.=""

    d'fish : ppl throwing rubbish at his place la! throw rubbish at ppl houz is kurang ajar wat?

    poonky : no nid plant papaya tree!!! taruk lots n lotsa nails there enuff liow!

  9. ????????????

    If they can read that, then long time ago they also know how to read "Do not throw rubbish here" la..

  10. If u not syiok dengan this sign board. Make a comment at that sign board just like u make a comment at blog :P

  11. Luckily mine are good. V talk, v laugh and share information. Sometimes, we help each other to buy things lagi

  12. although i'm not living at KL but i dun really friend with my neighbour .. hahaha .. dint even say 'Hi' .. hehe ..

  13. who ask you to stay in big big house.. with big big garden.. cats ma go there to shit loh.

    House small like mine.. mouse also cannot enter.

  14. KNN, if this is the case, 90% of India's Indians are kurang ajar lar.

    No bruff one la, you come here and see ...............

  15. Anonymous11:14 am


  16. hahahahahahaha.... but i dont think reverse psychology works in malaysia...


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