22 June 2007


If you been to cineleisure lately I m sure you will find this pic looks familiar .... yea they are there to promote the upkambing The Simpsons Movie.

But will you belif me if I tell you that Homer (the fler holding the remote control) are kidnapped? No bruff you wan!

They are fanatic fans of this animation series "The Simpsons" and since they are such a TV freak they should have known that there is such a thing call cctv rite? Not to mention ski mask and fake number plate. What a Sohai!

2 sohais + 1 homer = joke of the year
18 Jun - Early this morning, staff at a leading cineplex in the Klang Valley made a surprising discovery that Homer Simpson was no longer at his seat.

Positioned together with the rest of the Simpsons family on a display couch, as depicted in the popular TV Series, Homer had apparently made an exit during the night.

Simpsons on living room couch in Movie Carnival 2007, similar to the one where Homer went missing from.

According to security video records from a shopping mall CCTV located close to the cinema, the kidnappers first scouted the area just after 3 this morning. In less than 3 minutes, the 15-kg likeness of Homer Simpson was then caught on video exiting the cinema with the pair of ‘kidnappers'.

And thats not all you know!!! They notchet kena tangkap they goan surrender!!! KAKAKAKA!!!

"The case has been solved," Petaling Jaya Central police chief Mazlan Mansor was reported as saying about the theft that was first reported by Cinema Online last Monday (18 June 2007).

The two students, who were believed to be over-exuberant fans of The Simpsons, returned the fibre-glass figure to police today, ending a caper that might as well have been an episode of the popular TV series.

The 15-kg replica of Homer holding a candy box is part of a promotional display at a local cinema in 1 Utama for the upcoming movie, The Simpsons.

It is learnt that the entire kidnap was recorded on the shopping complex's CCTV.

The cameras also caught the car's registration number which led police to the culprits, said to be "passionate fans who want to own a piece of The Simpsons before the movie opens." Police have released the suspects, pending charges.


Kids, dont do this at home ok? and belif me when i say "they are definitely not trained professionals" .. they are just 2 drunk sohais trying to be funny but chickened out when they sober up! KAKAKAKA!!!

Alcohol will make u stupider .... dun belif u ask those 2 sohais la!!!


  1. OMGFBBQ! like this also fun ah..next time steal something better, bigger n sexier la...i wonder got "transformer" mia display figure like that :P

  2. hahahaha..the story even appear in the newspapers here!

  3. "Son, if you are gonna steal one day, steal big!"

  4. ler...why give back?
    There was a RM1000 rewards for Homer to be returned. Ciss....~!

  5. huwahhhh. that desperate ! hahaha. heard friends talking about it but never knew it was caught on camera :P

  6. !!! Zomg! They kidnapped Homer Simpson!! D:

    Words can't express how funny this is XD

  7. ai yoh!, these two sohchye's thinking cap must have gone back to the age of flintstone.Maybe Homer homed into their heads and asked for a joy ride!!!; much too boring in the complex...rite?

  8. LOL. Stealing at 3 in the morning ar? Duno fanatic fans or sohais.

  9. Maybe those guys were taking Homer out for a burger... :P

  10. i think that 2 feller like simpsom too much already .. lol ..

  11. kakakkakka

    no wonder i saw homer at 1u yesterday..yuen loi found it liao!

  12. LOL... no wonder right on that night i went for movie and asked my fren "eh, why the homer is missing?" bcoz of that two sohais!!! wahahahaha well done!
    how they managed to bring it out without being noticed huh?
    pak guard sleeping i guess Zzz..

  13. LOL... no wonder right on that night i went for movie and asked my fren "eh, why the hommer is missing!?" bcoz of that two sohais la! wahahahahah well done!
    how they managed to bring it out without being noticed huh?
    pak guard sleeping i guess? Zzz...


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