28 June 2007

Ahbengs go Golf

One day 2 Ahbengs go golfing, one is Lich Ahbeng and the other one is Poor Ahbeng, but since they are both Ahbeng so they are good frend also la.

Then Poor Ahbeng see this Lich Ahbeng got personal caddy wan ... so when they are putting he asked him lidis :

Poor Ahbeng : Wuah u got personal caddy one wor! he very good one ka?
Lich Ahbeng : Of coz! this one follow me very long ledi lor! I trained him wan!
Poor Ahbeng : Wuahh!!!
Lich Ahbeng : Come come I show u how good he is.

Lich Ahbeng then drives in a 5 foot putt then the caddy start cheering and claaping his hands like kena loteri lidat.

Lich Ahbeng : See? I told you ledi rite?
Poor Ahbeng : Wuahh!!! Ayam implessed la!
Lich Ahbeng : Implessed leh!!!
Poor Ahbeng : Eh .. then if you missed that putt how ar?
Lich Ahbeng : If i missed hor .. he will be jumping around the course lor!
Poor Ahbeng : Jumping?? Jump how far?
Lich Ahbeng : Jump how far? err ... it depends on how hard i kick 9 him on his balls la!

Of coz Poor Ahbeng is me la! I no use caddy wan ... so who wanna join us for for driving range shootout this kambing saturday at Bkt Jalil Driving Range?


  1. hahaha........... you got addicted with golf liau leh?

  2. golf for pehmes n lich ppl lyk u nia so not ngam for me!


  3. Ayam Kambing!

    Reply to ah nel... u r wrong, I don't have any golf club and membership, I just spend RM12 from afternoon till evening enjoying there, it's much cheaper than if you go for clubbing or disco or mamak shop. I don't bluff you.

  4. U Poor Ahbeng meh? U dont bruff! Show me the latest gadgets that you have bought! Faster!! =P

  5. kenny...rm12 oso i hardly to get now...i go disco no need cover charge...i drink no alcohol no need pay wan...i don go mamak...

  6. yah..don bluff.
    u poor thn who rich?

  7. wingz poor ? then me is like those kid that live in africa. Kurus- kering


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