18 June 2007

Of Healthy and Low Fat Diet

Lunch time blogger is now Tea time blogger ledi! Wat to do la ... My job sucks and I got a family to feed still ... *sigh*

So, hows your Father's day yesday? Mine was nothing outta ordinary but still ... after 5 years of being a father I finally felt like one this year! Imagine that ... 5 yrs later oni got feel! lol

Ahbeng is 78 and Ahlian is 75, both of them were killed in a road accident when Ahbeng fall asleep while driving.

Both of them ended up in heaven, when they arrived got one angle waiting for them ledi.

Angel : Welokam Ahbeng and Ahlian!!! I am your host for the day ... I will bring you around this place to get your both familirise with.
Ahbeng : Wuah! got tour sommo!! so nice hor Ahlian?
Ahlian : Wuah tour!!! like holiday lidat Ahbeng! I like!
Angel : It will be like holiday everyday from now on ...
Ahbeng : Tenkiu!!! u derno how long i waited for this day man!
Angel : its my pleasure ... we got everything here, you both will be staying in this oceanview condo and in the condo you can find tennis court, spa, swimming pool, golf course, shopping centers and alot more things u can do here and if you are hungry, just go into any of the restaurants and get your food.
Ahbeng : Wuah! err ... what about the money? dont we gotta pay to use all these facilities?
Angel : oh! dont worry! everything is free here!
Ahlian : WUAHH!!!

A few hours later ....

Angel : Thats about it, i just shown you all there is to know about heaven, if you have any questions feel free to call me ok?
Ahbeng : ok ok tenkiu vehlee much!

After that Angel left them ...

Ahlian : Wuah lowkung ... this is the best place i ever been to!! Best hor?
Ahbeng : BEST HOR! BEST HOR?!!!! kanneh! All because of lu lah!
Ahlian : Lowkung .... why u suddenly tulan with me wan?
Ahbeng : Kanneh! how not to tulan with you??!!
Ahlian : What I did wor ....
Ahbeng : Niahma!!! If not because of you and your what what stupid high fiber, low salt, low sugar, low fats diet .... I would be enjoying all this long long ago!!!


  1. hahaha...
    The ending was really nice..
    didnt expect it at all..
    Nice work dude.

  2. omg!! wish to die sooner tim!

  3. kakakkaka

    i tot he blame her for following him..if not he'll have luis oso

  4. Never thought the ending is like that. Then, you and me better stop thinking eating healthly liau. You also better not make loti yourself. Eat more Kaneneh Bread and High-5. I see in Heaven. See who reach first, ok?

  5. eh be a responsible blogger wei... u must confirm the fact before posting ler, else later the suicide rate in msia super high pasal your post! :P

  6. LOL...i suddenly rememebr about the joke of the clock ticking whnever one of the spouse cheats on the one in heaven...LOL.

  7. Eh... later got repeat of the suicide party like in japan then how?

  8. like dat also u can figure it out. good good/

  9. LOL... like that also can? If heaven so nice I wanna go now also!


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