7 June 2007

Thailand Yellow Pages .... Freaking Funny!!!

My 1st blog rebiu!!! Read bout it HERE
Your blog kena rebiu yet anot? Free propesional rebiu for your blog! Mana mau cali??!!

This is an advertisement by Thailand Yellow pages ... the story begins with a Fehmes actress meet with a road accident and she kena save by this young man .... she that time half pengsan ledi and she only can recognise that fler mia voice plus the logo on his shirt.

Then when the actress wakeup ledi ... based on what she remembered she open the yellow pages to search for this hero who saved her ...

Wanna know how the end of the story turned out to be? hahaha! Watch it yourself la!

I gerenti you will be luffing so hard that your balls will drop!!! if u no balls then drop boobs la! Niahma no bruff you wan!!!

Now ... tell me you never expect that kinda ending will you?


  1. Mine ball is still with me except it is hanging down a bit ( it is early morning 2.30am )because I can't see the video?? Why arr my computer lousy wan??? Anyway have a nice day.

  2. no funny no funny!!1lol

  3. wei... boring ler.. u so busy lately meh ???

  4. Good find man! Sibeh ho-chio ah!

  5. Wah..i taught at first very romantic. then suddenly ,at the end the famous artist wanna back her belongings :P

    That guy *run run run*


  6. hahahahhha

    with yellow pages mana mau lari rite? kakkakka

  7. omg funny, apa lah dat ending, should b sweet 1, wakaka

  8. Chio kao peng!! Wakakaka!!!

    Moral of the story: if commit crime, better have unlisted number!

  9. is really not that wat I thougth it will be good one more to come ?


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