11 June 2007

Weekend Shopping Spree and Samsung SyncMaster 732N Plus

I went to the Mines shopping center to pick up a few CDs n DVDs but ...... i derno what got into me!!! I goan burn a big hole in my pocket!!!

I swear it wasnt me!!! Somehow I kena possesed by Puter God! When i 1st saw it ... i terus fall in lafu!!! It was lafu at 1st sight!!!! No bruff you wan!!! You dun belif u see for yourself la!

Samsung SyncMaster 732N Plus ... RM 569 oni!! on Sale!!!

The color is so sharp that it can cut your eyeballs if you stare at it long long! Cant detect any lag .. dynamic settings .. high contrast and best of all would be the design! dem sleek n slim and its black!!! Phuh!!! dem stim I tell lu!!!

I check it out edi, for 17" mia LCD (within afforadable range one la!) ... either U go for Viewsonic or Samsung! I heard from many peeple, Acer sama BenQ mia ... erm ... lets just say not as good la altho they are slightly cheaper!

Technical specs of Samsung SyncMaster 732N Plus :

Viewable area
Pixel Pitch (mm)
Contrast Ratio(typ)
Viewing Angle(H/V)
Response Time(ms)(typ)

300 cd/㎡
160˚/160˚ (CR>5)

Winner of iF design award 2007 leh! Dun pray pray!

Some of the features

Then I also found this cool looking notebook cooler! My Diao Dell Inspiron 6400 dem 9 hot if u use it to watch DVDs ... then i thot its time to get one of these fan to blow blow my notebook la ... sommo this one on sale also ... RM45 oni! Sammo dem 9 cool looking!!! mana mau cari?!!

Bulu light mia notebook cooler RM45

Its really effective (this notebook cooler) I watched 3 movies with this coller pads running and i seriously do not feel any heat on my left hand when i am reasting my arms on the notebook. It really works!

Then i got really sien backing up with CDRW and DVDRW ... dem farking slow mia! So i decided to get a external hdd so i can backup my datas fast and i can bring it around with me.

So ngam got offer also ... RM190 with USB 2.0 casing n 80gb hdd ... die die also buy la!!! mana mau cari?!!!

External HDD casing with 80gb micro hdd only for RM190!!! mana mau cari?!!!

Buy that time very song .... when wallet empty ledi then only realised it too late!!! This time jialat!!! Roti kosong right till the end of next month!!!! Thanks to compulsive Buying!!!!

Anyone got kena 4D or lottery lately? can donate some ka? Abit oni also ok ler ... can laaa!



  1. ah tiu........ mahai got money from nuffnang... go shopping la.. cibai

  2. Aiya, you should have told me. I can get you cheaper than that, a 19" somemore.

  3. omg u got so many things!

    yar lar! lanci lar..get money from nuffnang then showoff ur shopping!

  4. Mahai!! Lu olang kaya lah!!

  5. my virgin post here....i falu u tokok so long kenot kip tiam tiam aledi....juz kina chi far tis morning...how much n wan?

  6. magehai ahh damn luckified laa u! I've been faluing lu mia tokok for so long i kenot keep tiam tiam anymore...this morning i kena chee fah laa....got some extra money to spare...how much u wan??

  7. Ya, I agree with Huei, lanci lar coz you got a cheque from Nuffnang. Now some more got new ad. Never care to belanja us also. Ku hon. Anyway, sorry lar I also cannot help you chor. This month I spend more than RM500 on books. My taugeh sudah give me a wierd look liau Hehehe...........

  8. shireen : nuffnang mia money masuk lil devil mia education fund la! this one my own pocket kluar wan .. now my pocket bleeding edi!

    hongkiat : mahfulat!! now only u say mehh??!!! arghhhh

    huei : mch!!! char 9 me izzit? wanna die anot?

    Ahpek : its the female hormones in me!!! i swear!!

    couchwerkz : eh i not greddy wan ... u got how much u gibe how much can edi la! lol

    erina : eh last sat i got blanja sudah! u dunwan come jer mahhhh

  9. Ask u give carrots u shout shout say no money lah. Now got money go buy so many things lah? Lei hou yeh!

  10. WTF?! LOL!

    Well, a good deal is hard to miss and like my Daddy alwiz said, if you find it good then you buy it. Otherwise, it'll go missing later. ROFL!

    Anyway, from what I heard the Samsung panels are losing a bit in terms of quality for some reason. Don't know about these new models though.

  11. Hahha...wingz taikor..ur portable HD what brand ar? I also plan to buy...lai lai rekomen..

  12. aiyooo...

    Should hv bought the LCD during PC Fair in April... Can get for RM545 only...

    For HDD brand, I personally go for either Seagate... :P

  13. Lol....wingz taikor...
    Me just bought 120GB HD.. RM275..expensive or not!!! Bankrupt liao this month...

  14. eh i bought external hard drive... 160 GB for RM230 wo.. cheap ar?

  15. Wahhhh... like that mine expensive...diu lor...

  16. kukujiaoman : diu lor! kena sembelih liow!

  17. er i donno know if it expensive or not. But or .. if u wanna cheaper want. Just buy hard disk and external hard disk cover(low yat). The cover can be as cheap as RM30.

    It is sata hard disk or hdd want? Curious about it...


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