4 June 2007

Dancing in Beijing (in Memory of his niece)

A frend of mine did this video in memory of his niece (http://yvonnetannz.blogspot.com) whom passed away 1 year ago.

He said in his email :
I really hope many people will log in my niece blog after see me dance crazy. I still don't knows does this works. I really shy..but because love my niece so much i did it when I have a short holiday in Beijing with my family.

The video shooting is done by a digital camera..so it turn out not so good.
Video editing done by myself and it took me 20 hours yeaterday to come out this 4 mins video.

Heres the Video ... enjoy.

Touching anot? :) How I wish i got this kinda uncle la!


  1. aww..so touching

  2. he reli made his niece proud of him...

    tis dance i tink i cant afford to do it in the middle of tourist spot...

    way to go!!!

  3. I really salute to him!

  4. This sorhai look very familiar la ! LOL!

  5. Dear Wingz

    Thanks a lot, my niece blog past days have a lot visitors from your blog.
    Thank you very much from my bottom of my heart.



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