16 June 2007

My Kid's First Report Card!

I derno last time (or currently) after exams and you were given your report card ... you still remember the feeling of handing over that report card to your oldman? The fear and agony ... the anxiety ... you sked your oldman will weck 9 u kaw kaw mia feeling .. phuh .... scary like fark man!!! LOL!!

As usual, the first thing i do after I fetch my kid home is to go thru his skool bag and can you imagine the look on my face when i saw a REPORT CARD!!! my kid very first REPORT CARD!! OMFGBBQ!!!!

I opened it up and this is what i saw ....

Lil Devil's first report card

I never required my kid to be super intelligent or super genuis, all I want is for him to be a normal happy, healthy kid that loves his parents and enjoyed his life as a kid.

I m one of those who will not send my kid to learn piano, violin, computer etc etc etc. at the age of 5 just because i want that. If he wanna learn that by himself then its fine but I will not force him to learn anything as there is plenty of time for that in the later, when hes older.

A talkative and active student, didnt pay attention during lesson. Should concentrate a little more on studies

So what if hes a little mischevious and hyper? hes still a kid and hes doing what a kid should do ler. Look at his teacher mia comment on him "A talkative and active student, didnt pay attention during lesson. Should concentrate a little more on studies" altho ... I do agree that he need a little bit "encouragement" in the dicipline department a.k.a. "wecking" ... (thats under my jurisdiction one!) but otherwise i think hes enjoying his life as how a 5 yrs old should be and I also dun wanna be so hard on him ... i dont mean spoiling him but I cant keep pushing him to the edge one ma! rite anot?

I do not belif/ have no faith in the old (current) education systems (the one we were taught with) anymore. I m not discouraging you kids to study, no thats not my intention (infact you need to built a strong foundation first) but with the existance of internet everything changed. It changes the way we seek knowledge too!

If you look at 40 years ago, with a SRP cert you can get a gomen officer job then in the 70s you need at least SPM cert, in the 80s you need a Diploma, Degree is essential in the 90s and now in the new millinieum Degree holders are abundant! So, whats next? Everyone kena get a Master Degree then only can get a decent job? 10 years later everyone will hafta get a Doctorate?

At what age you can come out to work and start earning money if you continue to go thru all that years of studies? 40 yrs old ar? LOL!

Now, the way I look at it .... in this era as long as you know how to read you should be able to seek the knowledge that you required. Why am i thinking like this?

Well, lets say u acquired your knowledge the conventional way, u goto college/university spent 4 years there studying IT/programming and by the time you got out what you learnt there alredi obsolete! They got newer stuffs thats replacing what you learnt in skool ledi!

20 years ago, with a 8088 computer ... I learnt FOTRAN, BASIC, DBASE and COBOL, Now, today ... how many of you know WTF is BASIC, FOTRAN, DBASE and COBOL anymore? lol! see? see? its useless!!

So, it doesnt matter if your kids got high grades in his exams anot ... exams is like a test of memory. Gifted kids with photographic memories can ace an exams without much effort but do they know how to apply it when come to real life situation?

The way i figured, in this cyber age ... the only skill you need is to be able to read, and if you need to learn any extra skills ... all you need is a PC and a phone lines and viola! you are an expert ledi!!

Think about it! I think I tok enuff labish edi ... still cant get over seing my kid's 1st report card i guessed lol!

Have a nice weekeends ok?


  1. Your kid very clever! Got get him/her present or not? hehe

  2. You are soooo right about this =)

    I saport u ahbout dis =>

  3. wingzzzz. . . . ur father and son posts always inspire me too have my own kids too... hahaha but i think i'm still too young la

  4. Yalor. Your kid results good leh.
    We must teach our children to be street smart and how to apply their knowledge in real life. No point just been a bookworm. Nowadays, it is who u know and not what u know that is more important. :)

  5. Good start for ur kid. I also like him when I was young, hehehe.

    I agree with ur view on exam and learning. For me the most important in education beside transfering the knowledge is inculcating the moral and ethical standard within him.

    That's why I enjoy being a storyteller in my classes.

  6. make a deal with your kid .. :)
    if he continue to socre A1 and be smart & clever like the daddy, buy him a pet dog :)

  7. Agreed!!!

    Being a straight A student nowadays doesn't necessary mean you're smart, you're just good at memorizing :p

  8. Mou dak deng~~ runs* and find my own primary sch report card...ALL RED! <-mean fail la, hide it back

  9. wingz: (Personal) Thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. wahhhh...so crever your lil devil! what a great father's day gift!

    err...incidentally...does ur lil devil know what a report card is? Coz mine is blur like sotong..and just smile when he presented it to me...


  11. A wise man you are indeed :)

  12. Hi Wingz,

    first time leave a comment at your blog...Your son is well done ! i'm not too sure how is my son going to be in future. He is just 4 years old. Hope that i can be proud for him like you....It's a dream of every Daddy in the world to have a good kids all years round either in health or academic! Happy Daddy's day to u ...You have done a good job as Dad. Must ask you to be my sifu liau and agreed with your comments

    Lawrence (Erina's hubby)

  13. Wow, your kid's really smart. That's one really great first report card D:

  14. U kid so clever arr!!I agree with u. What is most important is that next time when he grow up he can earn lots of money.By then I will be an old men & hope that he gave me some money to enjoy my golden age.

  15. I agree with you. Like that got buy present for him moh? I never force my son for this class and that class. Even I encourage them to play at the garden. Dig soil and some of my friends say gili. Depends lar where you allow them to play mah. If in the house compound ok mah. Off course public field is dirty lar.

  16. Veli good veli good...but aiya in this society every parent want their kids to get only As...kiasu mah. I think the As don't determine the kid's intelligence ler. IQ vs EQ. Which do you want?

  17. very long educational / lecturer post ar. Read half-way, jump to last line d.:P

    Lil Devil clever eh. The 100 marks is for wat subject ar? Cannot see eh.

  18. so panai..
    and correct! on force kids to learn this and tht
    or they will ended up like belle
    good for nothing

  19. I've never really excelled in my schooling days. But I'm doing good now and for an additional plus, i have an extremely great childhood to remember. :P

  20. little ray : having me as his dad is the best present he could ever get! lol

    pongs : right leh! u dun say u lazy wanna study then oni u sapot me?! lol!

    bleek : wuah my post so powderfool ka? u how old la? so fast wanna make bb! lol

    flsam : no ler his results so-so oni ler, but i m not a paper orientated fader lol ... I m one of those who dont look at paper qualification wan.

    kaiwah : still, foundation must be strong to be able to do self learning lor. Moral and ethical value is a must!

    casey&peanuts : he alredi got a dog wor!

    dlg : haha u must be as forgetful as me isnt it? lol

    poonky : red is good! if not red where got blue?!!! lol

    wong : of coz straight As student is good in something ler .. if not they also wont get straight As rite?

    mott : haha he still derno what is a report card YET! wait later he kena weck he will know wan! lol

    vad3r : wise man lol ... want say lidat meh? :P

    Lawrence : Finally!!! u r here!!! eh he no nid to be top scorer u also can be proud of him wan leh! as whether i m a good daddy anot ... its still too early to tell lol! Happy father's day to u too!

    annachu : no ler hes average oni ... yea but thats one hella report card! gonna frame it up and show it to him just that he'll know what kinda notti ass he is when hes small lol!

    horny : hahaha dun put your hope too high la! kids nowadays where got gibe folks money wan geh?!

    erina : AGREEE!!! kids that play with soil is the happiest one! lol no nid buy present for him la! having me as his dad is the best present he will ever get! lol

    lil'miss pinky : u see hor .. there is only 1 no.1 position in the whole class, so whats the odd that my kid can be no.1 and be a happy kid at the same time leh? i rather have a happy n healthy kid rather than to have a genuis as my son lor. If every kid in msia is to be born as loyars n engineers ... i rather my kid be an artist, can make more mah! lol

    young brat : 100 marks is science wor.

    belle : who say u good for nothing? u good in kau jais what? kakakakaka!!!

    engrish : yea! academic achievements doesnt gerenti u will earn alotsa money one u no?

  21. wah what a nice father. when i was in primary, getting lower than 80 = cane

  22. As long we know how to continuously obtain knowledge by ourself, then we are genius...

    Same feeling as bleek (3rd comment).

  23. ur really a nice father! ^^ well my dad is stg like u too.. hahaha

  24. wah, ur kid so smart already liao wor all A B A B :D somemore teacher still say not concentrating = =" my god...

    i also agree, exams nowaydays are just a test of memory. so what happens to the kids less gifted with memory power? i just don't like the thought of that. sigh. kids have so many talents... it's up to you and them to explore :)

  25. 5 years old only...being talkative is a good thing..

  26. isnt it normal to be talkative and active.. i used to have those comments too .. kakaka... those represents smart student errr.. u dunno !!kakaka

  27. I did not know he used my google account to leave a comment for you. He read your blog everyday but never leave comment. Anyway, there is not computer game or game station for my kids. Wah! Talktative boy har? Good mah!! Want to match with my girl kah? She is 2 and talk tarak habis also...... hehehehe

  28. wah with results mostly B and A- the teacher can still write that. Wehh...budak kecik ler~! The teacher thinks what? Robot kah?

  29. kakaka talkative is good! =P

  30. zai kao me ok!
    oi..i wanna b a loyar ok don pour cold water.but thn again.. im gonna fail so no point wanting to be one LOL!i guess marryin a loyar hubby also can b mrsloyar..eh not bad wo!

  31. wingz kor.. tell the teacher.. oh my kid is talkative hor? dun blame him lar.. LIKE FATHER LIKE SON mah.. beh syok arr? ngam bor??

  32. Surely my sister son & daughter will get the same comment like your son coz his son is the hyper-active boy and the girl is the 'gong em sai' until all of us takut her.

    Stephenie (Erina's Sister)

  33. It's very rare (nowadays) that a parent not to send to computer class ar, piano ,tuisyen and etc.

    While i still am kid, i didn't go to tuisyen, enjoy a life that kid should enjoy to.

    I very pity those kid nows, they cannot enjoy their childhood anymore.

    U are doing right things, wingz !!
    Support u..

  34. The next post will be ur report card.
    oops.. u still keep it?

  35. tingtitlei : wah lan eh .. lower than 80 also kena?? i can imagine how "nice" your chilhood are ler ...

    742 : agree with your philosophy ... so u also got this suddenurge to make a baby ka? lol

    abcchin : erm ... how lucky if my doter were as young as u lol!

    conankat: the problem is with our educational system ... the system do not promotes creativity, instead they promotes memorising.

    bleek : erm .. wait till u get a kid and wait till hes 5 yrs old, then u kambek tell me whether talkative is good anot lol

    janicepa : kakaka like mader like son izzit? wait till yours turn 5 la! then u gonna komplen to me ledi!

    erina : wuah your whole family got read my blog wan!!! can create a fan club among your family member ledi! then instead of football, you all can tok bout rojaks daily during reunion dinner lol! yar no computer games nor console games for my kid yet!

    rauff : nowadays the requirements are higher mah. since every kid are born to be either loyar or engineer ... kakaka

    huei : u can keep him ok?

    belle : good luck in getting a loyar waterfish!

    sae wei : oi! i m not tokative one la!

    Stephenie : haha erina's doter dem terror hor? 2 yrs old oni can tok so much ledi!!! gonna be a smart girl when she grows up!

    monk : thats why u see in newspaper ... 9 yrs old boy commit suicide lor ... this is the price to pay for so called perfect kid.

    jace : u wanna see my repot kad??? kakaka u kena ask huei 1st la!!!!

  36. I tell them mah that your blog hor I must everyday go and read one. My hub got influence by me. My sister just came back from NS and I told her about it mah. I say, you must read one. A good blog.

  37. Anonymous3:13 pm

    I think I still remember I got scolded for not getting 100% in my exam when I already get 90% over...

    Thinking of it, I feel rather stupid...LoL

  38. u are right mr.
    nowadays school education didn't help much in our working life.
    you study and study until you get degree but you end up as kuli...LOL!

  39. ceh...braggin!

    I haven't shown you mine...heh! better results, and got 100 marks somemore leh.


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