21 June 2007


The blogging community alredi know long long ago (if you derno now i tell u la!) what is the meaning of WTF* [Wat Da Fark]

So, if a blogger stumbled upon this bunting below, what will he/she thinks?

The bunting says "Tae Kwon Do Class (WTF)"

I saw that bunting this morning in front of EON Bank Sg. Long and the first reaction was "WTF??!!!" LOL!

Then I think think back ... OH!!! World Tae Kwon Do Federation!!!

It all makes sense now .... now I know why last time I die die also wanna join ITF (International Tae Kwan Do Federation)

WTF rite??!!


  1. WTF - World Tocheng Federation. I got a T-Shirt for that Okay???!!

  2. I join WTF since form 3 until form 5.
    I really is WTF

  3. "wtf? you're a member of the club? what do you guys do?!"

  4. ITF is from north korean wan..

    WTF is from south korea.....


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