8 June 2007

Rojaks Dicktionary - Diu (屌) in Cantonese

WARNING : 18SX, under 18 do not proceed!! Prolly NSFW too! .... that also depends on whether your boss got use this word anot! LOL!

I been constantly asked by readers in this blog to explain certain manglish words i used in my post as they have no idea what does it mean. Most of the time I would use slang or canto or hokkien which is easier to understand if you were of chinese ethnic but if you are not familiar with mandarin, cantonese or hokkien you would catch no ball la!

Anyway since I eat full no lan play ... today Im gonna teach you all the most commonly used word in Rojaks Daily ..... the word is :

Traditional Chinese:
Hong Kong coinage: [門+小]
Canto: Diu
Mandarin: Diao

Diu literally means fark and it is a common profanity in Cantonese.

Now you know the meaning ledi ... lemme teach you how to use the word Diu effectively :

1.] Diu Lei (屌你) = Fark you
2.] Diu Lei Low Mow (屌你脑没) = Fark your low mow (low mow is the name of a guy) :P
3.] Diu Lei Low May (
屌你老味) = Fark your low mei (low mei is the name of a girl) :P
4.] Diu Lei Erm Sang Jai (屌你唔生子) = Fark you no preggy
5.] Diu Lei Erm Duck Harn
(屌你唔得闲) = Fark you no free
6.] Bay Yarn Diu (被人
) = Let peeple fark
7.] Bay Gwai Diu (被鬼
) = Let ghost Fark
8.] Bay Kau Diu (被狗
) = Let Dog Fark
9.] Diu Dou Luen (屌到乱) = Fark till upside down
10.] Diu Loh (
喽) = Fark Loh (Loh is a popular surname in chinese family) :P

Then again .... dont think Diu is all bad ... in Taiwan "Diao" is also used by young people to mean "cool". One of the Fehmes fler in Taiwan that always says "Diao" as in cool is Jay Chow.

Now ... in India, Diu has an entire new meaning! .... How izzit possible? Nvm ... I'll let the photo do the toking ok?

DiuTourism ... Ahpek's favourite kinda tour!!!

Hotels in Diu .. Resorts in Diu ... Airport also Diu??!!!

You are Welokam to Diu! (this sounded so wrong)

Yea there is really a place call Diu in Gujarat India ... no bruff you wan!!

And this is the History of Diu!

Diu is not really all bad you know? Some diu is good and some diu is very-very good it depends on how you look at it only!

Thats all the time we have for today class .... I want you all to go home and plektis what you learn today and in your everidei life ok?

Class dismiss!!


  1. Diu!

    It's just north west of Karnataka, where I'm studying!

    One day, I must go Diu. Who wan to go Diu with me?

  2. now that would be a really nice conversation.

    "eh, where you going la?"
    "i'm going to Diu with my sister."
    "yer.. what is wrong with you, you sick b*****d."

    this is a very useful tutorial for a banana like me! next please! =D

  3. I say.. Diao nyah Ngai Diao!

  4. diu loh..gam dou dak!!

    y u eat full no lan play? ur lan leh? =P

  5. Tai work ~~~
    how much should i pay for this lesson ar?

  6. wahahaha.. hou lan diu ar ?? jorn loi lor...

  7. 1. Diu lei dui hoi
    2. Diu lei em tak hun

    Choi!!! Why today you teach us tis and I learn 2 more myself.

  8. like dat also can twist and turn and make it not sound like the normal diu hor?

  9. diu mou... tai lou! So are u reli kambing to robotcon 2007? im more than hepi to invite u over... ur kids come and see but no touch! hehe..

  10. What the diu.... englishman trying to integrate into chinese..

  11. terima kasih ceekgu~

    laugh until i upsidedown d la!

    rojaks daily sponsor evibodi go Diu ok??

  12. hahaha funny..........

  13. Diu lor..Wingz eat full ard, wana find lan to play?! Wingz, u sick or changes taste ard?

  14. hahaha...great one..salute u,man!

  15. This is most informative as I know nut about canto.So next time if KL people say 'diu ang moh' I know what they meant ( perviously I though it meant 'the ang moh').Have a nice day.

  16. hi dear rojak:
    I am new in you blog , when I saw that DIU post , I show my 2 boy who just start to learn chinese for about a year ,there try to read it cos this morning on their way to chinese class there ask me how to say naughty chinese I teach them a few .when there read your post , there can't stop laughing . there think is really funny . have a nice dayxxx

  17. K0k s3n w4i : U go DIU urself la! lol!

    jen : wuah ... u dem ganas hor?

    ahpek : Diao means cool wor!

    huei : ngam ngam play ledi mah! wanna play how many times a day wor?!

    monk : 1 roti telur plus 2 teh tarik ping!

    janice : Good kork fark! hou see! hou see!!!

    erina : lu mia kajang trip amajiam?

    sasha : i go up hill meditate ledi mah! now i up level ledi! lol

    monk[+] : i m a believer in transformer la!!! i wanna kam!

    zewt : globalization mah! kasi chance la! cari makan jek! lol

    shinji : everybodi go diu? then who is the one kena Diu?? kakakaka!

    blueapple : wuah lu hamsap!!!

    Young Brat : kakaka niahma! u dun tell me u dont play lan one la! dun bruff!!! lol

    su ling : eh no nid salute me wan! blanja me makan can edi!!! u blanja me makan then i salute u bek also can! lol

    horny : wuah 1st time got ppl say my blog informative!!! kakakaka!! BEST!!!

    Hi dear Pearly : u let your boys read my blog??!!! oi if they spoilt ledi u dun come find me har! =.=""

  18. hi dear :
    is ok < I would come after you ler , if there turn bad , there aleady turn bad la , thank to janice ler hahah. one of my son is her pang9son , see how he don't get spoil ler .
    thank again for those lovely joke .xxxxxweldone


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