12 June 2007

Kuala Lumpur Flashflood Again Even with Smart Tunnel!! LOL!!!

And you thot that RM2 Smart tunnel is really as "Smart" as its claimed to be huh?
So, if the tunnel is so smart then where is all these flashflood kambing from ar?
If you derno yet .... yesday (11th June 2007) got terrible flashflood in KL la!

Here is some photos from The Star .... See for yourself la!

Car stuck in the Flash flood at Jln Sultan Ismail

Jln Tun Perak

Flood level at Jalan Melaka

Car Stalled in Jalan Dang Wangi

Ground Floor of Concord hotel Parking

Dataran Merdeka

Cleaning up! The sidewalks near Campbell Complex in Jalan Dang Wangi

Mud on the road in front of Jln Masjis Jamek LRT station

Malaysia BULL-eh!!! Visit Malaysia Year 2007 pun BULL-eh!!! Smart Tunnel BULL-eh!!!

RM4 wor! MCH free also i dunwan use la! knowing how they "
sap keok" I leehly tarak confi mau use wat wat cibai tunnel also!

I derno you notice anot ... but i seen lotsa road resurfacing taking place, the last time this happens was 5 years ago!

I think they dun understand the concept of inflation la! PRice of stuffs gone up so much since the last 5 years! And what makes them think the same trick would work again? Do more lar oi! Tar Road Tar Road! thats the only thing u know how to do ka? chew!


  1. u din read wat kenny say meh ?? dun blame smart yet !!

  2. woooahhh... the great wingz put up such blog entry... respect respect. why they tar the road... u know i know la... sam jiu la...

  3. According to The Star today, the tunnel is ready for cars but not for the flood water yet. The latter will be completed end of this month/early next month.

  4. SMART tunnel is RM2 la. I was stuck in that jam too around 10-11+pm.

  5. Taikor... the water way for SMART still under construction la. Actually JPS still dunwan open for traffic 1st... but someone want ma... so ppl will think SMART is already 100% completed.


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