31 December 2009

Happy New Year 2010!!

Last post of the Year 2009!!! KACATTT!!!!

  • To those fwens who been reading since Rojaks since 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008,2009 I wish lu Happy New Year!!!
  • To those fwens who celebrate this new year at home no go out create unecesary traffic jam i wish lu Happy New Year!!!
  • To those fwens who gonna take pichers of the fireworks from afar i wish lu Happy New Year!!!
  • To those fwens who been sapoting my advertisers by clicking the ads on rojaks i wish lu Happy New Year!!!
  • AND To those Ahbengs who got stuck in the traffic jam heading to some shopping complex or to somewhere to coundown ... TAI 9 LEI SEI LA!!! kakakakaka!!!
Many Happy Returns everyone!!! I m gonna masuk jungle in a minit to shoot KLCC from afar! After tembak upload pics let u see la!

26 December 2009

2009 Xmas Moon at 1000mm

Just in case you are too busy to notice .... I got it captured just for you! The moon on 2009 Xmas Nite.

This photo were taken with a Vivitar 500mm miror lens with a 2x Sigma APO teleconverter. total range of 1000mm (1500mm considering the 1.5x apsc corp factor.) non croped, resized & sharpened.

24 December 2009

Habe yourself a Mehlee Lil Xmas!!

Dear Ahbengs ...

Dun say tailow never teech lu .... tonite if u wanna get laid ... faster goan buy this CD/Vcd/DVD n put in your car when u go pickup your date ... gerenti lum her dip dip wan and u will score!!!

No Ahlians can tahan this song wan ok!!! This song is very too powderful for Ahlians to tahan!! Once hear oni they will get wet one! LOL!!!

What song is this?! click n watch la! ask so much for what? Tell u also u derno one ler! u can read meh?! lol!

P.s. Ahlians ... if u dun wanna "jung jiu" pls bring ipod go out n listen to yor own song with headphone ok? LOL!

Mehlee Xmas everibadi!!! pls use belon can?! This world got enuff tragedy ledi!!!

23 December 2009

Solution Found for Missing Jet Plane's Parts

See? Easy solution niah! now i gerenti lu no one would wanna steal any jet plane's parts anymore!!! KAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!!

18 December 2009

Biscuit the Labrador by Pets Photographers

There is something about animals and me, in a good way of coz. I cant seems to live without PETS in my house and all my life i never been without a dog neither. In view of this I managed to gather a few photographers who share my passion for animals and we form a group call Petsphotogs.com (short for Pets Photographers)

The team were setup a few weeks ago and now we all are busy runing around KL like headless chikin during weekends to photographs pets and to fill up our Web portfolios.

Here is one session I did last weekend with a wonderful and fun Labrador. Her name is Biscuit ...
Biscuit is a playful and fun 4 yrs old female Labrador who also loves to swim.


Jumping into the Lake

Looking for her toy

Thats my bottle!


Pets Photography is not as easy as you think it is and it can be difficult at times, but looking back at the photos at the end of the day ... that makes every shutter counts worth the effort.

If you have a pet/pets you would love to have some photos taken, feel free to drop us a message / give us a call ok? We plomise lu we wont bite wan! LOL!

Distortions from Tamron 10-24mm f3.5/4.5 UWA lens

Not All distortions are bad if you know how to utilize it properly, I really like the distortions in my new Tamron 10-24mm f3.5/4.5 UWA (Ultra wide Angle) lens .. here is one of my all time fav image of my Not-so-Little-Devil :P

17 December 2009

Iron Man 2 Extended Trailer Clip Leaked!

I dunno about the "leaked" coz it has been there in youtube for 6 days ledi ... prolly this "leak" is intentional one? lol u no la ... to create buzz mah! But there is more to be seen in this clip compares to the one I post this morning! Either wayyyyy its too FREAKING GOOD LOR!!!

ok they won my 10 buxs la .. i will pay 10 buxs to buy tixs to go cinema see this ok?! I'll even bring along my kid as well!


Grab on to your seat coz IRON MAN 2 is gonna blow you sky high!!! LOL!! No shit ... watch the clip n judge urself can?!


Credit to Mikeyip for the findings of this wonderful trailer clip!

15 December 2009

Restaurant City Menu Comes to Live in Taipei L'idiot Restaurant

If you been playing a Facebook game by the name of RESTAURANT CITY by Playfish then the image below will definitely bring back some fond memories of the game!

This real life restaurant in Taipei by the name of L'Idiot (little idiot?) are innovative enough to use the famous facebook game "RESTAURANT CITY" menu to boost its sales! Its about time someone do that! I always wonders what would the food taste like if it would be real ... and now thanks to L'idiot you can actually taste it in real life! LOL!

Comparison between the virtual Restaurant city Prawn Platter and the real L'idiot prawn platter.

Kiwi Sorbet, ide by side the comparison of the virtual Restaurant City kiwi sorbet and the real L'idiot Kiwi sorbet.

I think the L'idiot pumpkin soup looks ALOT more appetizing compared to the virtual one!

Same here on the choco Ice cream ... looks like the real food is definite more appealing than the virtual one.

Real Strawberry Cake won hands down! I think Restaurant city graphic designer should buck up a lil? Or maybe they should seek the advice of L'idiot chef for their next food visual?

Are you drooling yet? So If you happened to be in Taiwan and you also a fan of Restaurant City ... i derno bout u ... but i'll definitely wanna experience this myself!

(click on above image for a larger version)

click here to goto L'idiot Restaurant Website or click here to goto L'idiot's facebook fanpage

Blog posts from other fans :

credit to my Sifu Dr.liew for the news.

Truth or Fiction? MAHAI clinic

Got chainise writing one sommo! If this fler is a chainise lokter why the hell he/she derno that MAHAI is not a good name for a clinic??

Anyway more example of name u should not use when u open clinic :

Jolene Lai Pei Shan (a dental student said this ) : better than my classmates who plan to share a clinic with their surnames: Pergigian Khoo, Khoo, Cheow.

Steven Yip : should open one called Super White Dental Surgery (in mandarin super white = Chow Chee Bye) .... lolx!!!

10 December 2009

The Dilema of being a Wedding Photographer

I been asked couple of time to take photos of wedding and most of the time i would turn it down nicely and would recommend another photographer to the bride or groom to be.

I dont think I m passionate about capturing wedding moments, to me every wedding album are almost identical, the journey to the bride's home, the tea ceremony, the wedding dinner and its very very difficult to get any really nice creative shots with all those guest around mocking the bridge and groom also.

If you are interested to be a wedding photographer then you may wanna watch the below short video, this is as close as it gets to the real thing lol!

Just the other day when I was having teh tarik with afew other photographers I learnt that wedding photography is nothing easy at all. Most of the couple will be spending a fortune for their wedding and most of the time the photographer's fee will be the first thing they wanna slash down lol! I dont blame them ... if i m speding a fortune for my wedding I'll prolly do the same too!

3 December 2009

Ken Well Seafood Restaurant - Balakong

Around a month ago I received an invitation to makan from my brader Dale, and like any good brader I am ... I is very the willingly go makan with him wan lol! He bring me to this place call Ken Well Seafood Restaurant in Balakong.

Ken Well Seafood Restaurant

Met anoder basket ... Ben there holding a newspaper cutting about the restaurant.

Food start kambing not long after we arrive .. the first dish is ...

Hung Siu Kau Yoke / Braised roasted pork - RM23.00

I realllyyy like the sauce!!

2nd dish is ‘Gu Fart Song Yu Tao’ / Ancient Style Steam fish head - RM3.00/100g

3rd Dish - ‘Shang Bou Gam Fong’ / Claypot Steam Fish selling at RM 3.00/100g oso

4th dish is ‘Guo Zai Hoi Xin Dao Fu’ / Seafood Beancurd for RM 15.00 oni

5th Dish is - ‘Guo Zai Hui Woh Yok’ / Overnite stir fried pork for RM 15.00 oni

6th dish is ‘Xi Yao Gok Ha’ / Soya sauce stir fried prawn for RM 20.00

7th dish is ‘Sei Bou Dao Fu’ / Four treasure braised tofu for RM 12.00 oni

8th dish is ‘Gam Ji Yok Yip’ / Golden branch, jade leaves a.k.a deep fried kailan leaves for RM 15 .00 oni

9th dish is ‘Wong She Gap’ / Gum heong crab (RM 28/kg)

Nice dishes, fast service and friendly boss! Do try it out yourself if you are around the neighbourhood!

More infos & Maps below :

Ken Well Seafood Restaurant
B-G-7, Jln Kasturi 6, Tmn. Kasturi, Batu 11,
43200 Cheras, Selangor.
Boss : Mr. Harry Cheong
Tel : 019-2180331

Map :

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2 December 2009

flymas.mobi - MAS goes Mobile!

Have you heard? MAS gone Mobile ledi!!!

Very soon u can book flights, check air tixs price, pay for it while squatting/sitting on your toilet bowl dumping your loads!!! LOL! ... damn ... I always wanna do that and now I CAN LEDI!!!

Not only that ... u also can check in with your handphone also now ... no need to rush like gila and Q up long long edi ... while on the way to KLIA in the taxi can check-in with handphone. ... wuah best!!! I will certainly do this on my upkambing BKK trip lor!

Best part I like about all this is .... BOARDING PASS will be sent to your handphone!! No nid to print anything or sked forgot to bring your printout anymore! ... but kenot forget to bring passport la! LOL!

Next time MAS got sales or promo flights .. u no nid to camp in front of your computer to grab the seats ledi wei! Can be at anywhere ans still be able to use your handphone to get discounted tixs!

Check it out Ahbengs! On your phone browser key in flymas.mobi and start exploring!

1 December 2009

All Durian Feast at Restorant Sri Karak Petaling Jaya

This post is actually a few months late LOL! Got an invitation from my brader Supah-Wilson to go makan he blanja, Ahbeng dun say "NO" when peeple say wanna blanja wan ok! Its bad luck to deny a free makan can?!

I pick up another Ahbeng (Yatz) and with his keng-chow co-piloting skills we arrived at this place in no time.

Restoran Sri Karak

Pork free and all ingredients used is tanggung HALAL one.

Signature dessert - Durian Bomb! Osama's Faberet!!

Durian Tart ... a must try for durians lover!

After sit sit, tok kok n take pikchers for a while then food kam edi ....

Cape Ostrich Koay Teow (RM 9)

1st dish is Cape Ostrich Koay Teow ... taste like Wat Tan Hor and instead of other meat, Ostrich were used. I like Ostrich meat ... its tasty and alot more healthier than beef not to mention very tender too!

Tempoyak Ikan Temerloh Patin (Regular RM 40, Medium RM 80, Large RM 120)

Normally i dunch like freshwater fish one but Patin I like ah!! Patin flesh very smooth one and this Tempoyak Ikan Temerloh Patin dish use very fresh patin! Yea there is durian in this dish also ... very fusion like! unlike nothing you tasted before!

Deep fried bean curd with homemade sauce (RM 6)

3rd dish is Deep fried bean curd with homemade sauce, crispy on the outside ... smooth like silk on the inside ... coupled with homemade sos ... mama-mia~

“Sang Har” Noodle (RM 9 for 100 grams).

4th dish is the cholesterol laced super Yummylicious BIG PRAWNS noodles!!! Chainise got one saying ... eat first think later!!! Very the true!!! So i wallap the whole thing without thinking lol! Later I learnt that this dish is also one of Seri Karak Signature dish also.

Sri Karak curry fish head (Small:RM 25 Large:RM 49)

I m not a fan of spicy stuffs so i skipped this good looking Seri Karak curry fish head but those who ate it swear by its taste! So go figure!

Sri Karak curry laksa mee (RM 6.5)

6th is Curry mee! its not as spicy as it looks so I tried it, its as good as it looks and a bang for your bucks too!

House Special Claypot Chicken (Small:RM 12 Large:RM 24)

This House Special Claypot Chicken, is a MUST-TRY, very very aromatic and suprisingly tasty! No regret if you order this! Nope .. no durian in this neither!

Stir fried salted vegetable and bitter gould (Small: RM 8 Large:RM 15)

You know, when i first sank my teeth into this dish .. i felt like i missed my kampung ... yea thats what i felt like ... very tradtiional taste and makes u miss your kampung too! too bad i dont have one LOL! No durian in this one tho!

Dessert time!!! Durian ABC (RM 6)

This is it baby!!! Dessert time!!! DURIAN ABC!!! If you dont try ... u gonna cry! Mark my word!!! Taste heavenly!! Never try durian ABC before but this one is SUPERB!!! I dont care if you have to pawn your spender but must try this!!!

Durian pancake

Durian pancake ... I m not a pancake fan but actually this is not bad at all you know?

Durian Tart!

This is the KING of all tarts!!! One bite n u will Jung-jiu one!!! U will tahpau many many bring home and dream abou tit day and night one!!! No wonder this King tart is their TOP seller la!

Durian BOMB!!

Too bad Osama dont live in Malaysia la! If not the fler everyday also will goto Sri Karak and eat this BOMB wan! LOL ... dun take my word for it! Goan try it yourself and see la!

Durian lovers ... this is like the ultimate place for you to eat at! You wont be able to find a place that could satisfy your durian mania like this one!

Restoran Sri Karak
17, Jalan 52/8, Section 52,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel : 03-7958 3240

Map Here

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