2 December 2009

flymas.mobi - MAS goes Mobile!

Have you heard? MAS gone Mobile ledi!!!

Very soon u can book flights, check air tixs price, pay for it while squatting/sitting on your toilet bowl dumping your loads!!! LOL! ... damn ... I always wanna do that and now I CAN LEDI!!!

Not only that ... u also can check in with your handphone also now ... no need to rush like gila and Q up long long edi ... while on the way to KLIA in the taxi can check-in with handphone. ... wuah best!!! I will certainly do this on my upkambing BKK trip lor!

Best part I like about all this is .... BOARDING PASS will be sent to your handphone!! No nid to print anything or sked forgot to bring your printout anymore! ... but kenot forget to bring passport la! LOL!

Next time MAS got sales or promo flights .. u no nid to camp in front of your computer to grab the seats ledi wei! Can be at anywhere ans still be able to use your handphone to get discounted tixs!

Check it out Ahbengs! On your phone browser key in flymas.mobi and start exploring!


  1. good for me next trip to CHINA lar . .

  2. How do you handle the checked-in luggage when you check-in via your mobile phone?


    Yoon Lee


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